New 2024 Yamaha Dirt Bikes

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA celebrates the 50th anniversary of its YZ model line by introducing the 2024 50th Anniversary Edition YZ125, YZ250, YZ250F, and YZ450F. These special editions pay homage to the iconic 1990s-era YZ two-strokes ridden by legends like Damon Bradshaw and Jeff Emig. The YZ lineup has a rich history of technological advancements … Read more


Eli Tomac Coming Back for 2024

Eli Tomac is Coming Back for 2024

James Stewart

When Eli Tomac tore his Achilles tendon, I thought for sure his career was done. Then, after Cooper Webb split with KTM this summer, it was rumored that he would be joining STAR Racing Yamaha. At that point, if I could’ve bet on it, I likely would’ve bet quite a bit that Tomac was retiring. … Read more

Eli Tomac

Triumph motocross bike

Triumph Motocross Bike Revealed

James Stewart

The long-anticipated moment has finally arrived! Tune in as Ricky Carmichael, Bobby Hewitt, Dave Arnold, Ivan Tedesco, and Stephen “Scuba” Westfall delve into Triumph’s newly launched motocross chassis. They’ll be sharing insights on why the patience exerted for its arrival has truly paid off. The YouTube video below discusses the development of Triumph’s motocross chassis. … Read more


Cooper Webb to Star Racing Yamaha


Cooper Webb to Star Racing Yamaha

James Stewart

According to recent reports, Cooper Webb is set to join the Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha team for the 2024 season. This news has been confirmed by Chris Cooksey, who stated that the deal has been finalized. It’s worth mentioning that Webb will be making the switch to Yamaha after finishing the SuperMotocross Season with … Read more