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James Stewart

TTR 110 Exhaust


The Yamaha TTR 110 is a great pit bike that is once again getting recognition across the industry as the pit bike craze powers on. In this post, we will be diving into the TTR 110 exhaust.

If you’re in the pit bike world, it’s known that the KLX 110 is the dominant bike, with the CRF 110 making up huge ground lately since they released their fuel-injected model. This took the pit bike world by storm.

This leaves the TTR 110 in “third place” out of the major pit bike manufacturers. (Brands like Kayo dirt bike and XPro dirt bike don’t count).

One of the reasons the TTR 110 comes in third out of the major manufacturers is because of the lack of aftermarket parts for the bike (but it is the fastest 110cc pit bike… check out the TTR 110 top speed).

There are endless aftermarket parts for KLX 110, such as all the parts from BBR Motorsports, and the list is growing for the CRF 110 as well. (BBR does make some parts for the TTR 110 as well, just not as many).

Another area of struggle is the TTR 110 exhaust system. It’s considered to be a little problematic and outdated.

In our article, we will help you deal with the issues and upgrade all the necessary mods so you can be as safe as possible out on the trail, or as fast as possible on the track. 

Yamaha TTR 110 Exhaust System

We mentioned the exhaust on the TTR 110 isn’t the best, which is true, but it’s not that bad compared to other junk we have seen.

The 4-stroke engine has an air-cooled SOHC cylinder that is easy to clean and improves routine maintenance. The configuration makes the handling easy, offers a low noise output, and a high-level exhaust fitted with a heat shield. 

However, people start to experience issues when they change the intake or modify the engine. The exhaust will immediately limit the horsepower and begin to rattle.

If this is your case, we understand your frustration. We’re here to show you what is needed to start modding your TTR 110 exhaust. 

To improve the performance of the TTR 110 exhaust system altogether, for better sound and performance, we suggest adding an aftermarket pipe.

In addition to the sound and performance, if your TTR 110 is jetted correctly, you can manage to get a better response from the throttle. 

TTR 110 Exhaust Upgrade Options 

FMF Powercore 4 MotoSport 

Our recommendation is the FMF exhaust for TTR 110 — specifically the FMF Powercore 4 MotoSport. This pipe allows you to get the best bang for your buck. It comes with a spark arrestor for trail riding and will offer your bike more power and better sound. Plus, it is much lighter than stock. 

Pro Circuit Exhaust TTR 110 — T-6 System

If you want to loosen the purse string and shoot for the best exhaust for TTR 110, Pro Circuit has the T-6 system. This company has always been an industry leader and a top manufacturer of dirt bike parts. 

The T-6 exhaust system hits every mark; it is very good-looking and much lighter than other exhausts. It has a brushed aluminum canister, carbon fiber end-cap, stainless steel construction in the entire head pipe, a strong mounting bracket for strength and durability, and a removable USFS-approved spark arrestor. The mounting bracket is bulkier and will not bend easily if you fall. 

ttr 110 exhaust from pro circuit


The Yamaha TTR 110 is a great bike for hitting the trail and leaving all your worries behind. Or, if you’re a racer, it’s considered one of the fastest stock pit bikes there is.

The TTR 110 is a 110cc 4-stroke air-cooled bike with semi-automatic transmission and four gears.

The bike can be described as simple but very reliable. The best part is that it is far more durable than most Chinese-made 110cc pit bikes. 

Regarding the TTR 110 exhaust system, upgrading may be the best approach for thoroughly enjoying the bike.

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Or, if the TTR 120 is just a little too small for you and you’re looking for the next step up for pit bikes, take a look at the 2022 KLX140 (I know it’s not a Yamaha, but still a great bike…).

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