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James Stewart

Cooper Webb

Haiden Deegan: Who is He, and What’s with the Hype?

If you’re involved in the dirt bike racing world at all, it’s almost guaranteed you’ve heard of Haiden Deegan. If you haven’t, where have you been? Living under a jump? But not everyone knows exactly who he is or his background. They may have just heard the name before. In this article, I will be ...

James Stewart

Haiden Deegan and Jordon Smith incident

Is Deegan in the wrong, or was it just racing?

The incident between Haiden Deegan and Jordon Smith on Saturday night in the first 250 heat race of Supercross was the crash heard ’round the world. It’s also caused a lot of keyboard warriors to fight each other on social media while trying to determine who is at fault for the accident. Deegan is a ...

James Stewart

Haiden Deegan racing Supercross Futures

Haiden Deegan is Racing Supercross (Futures)!

Haiden Deegan, Star Racing and Yamaha‘s most promising young talent, is racing Supercross this weekend at A2. He’ll be racing Supercross Futures, not “real” Supercross against the likes of Jett Lawrence and RJ Hampshire, but nonetheless, Deegan will be racing on a professional supercross track for us all to see. It was only a matter ...