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KLX300 Mods Guide

KLX300 mods

The first liquid-cooled KLX300 trail bike was manufactured by Kawasaki back in 1997. As years passed by, the machine got a fresh new facelift and …

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2022 KLX140

2022 KLX140 in white text with image of KLX140 dirt bike on green background

The 2022 KLX140 is one of the best beginner bikes (or pit bikes) on the market. Whether you’re looking for a good bike for your …

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KLX 650 Big Bore Kit HP

klx 650 big bore kit hp in white letters on blue background with picture of klx 650 dirt bike

Are you thinking about upgrading the engine of your (almost) 30-year-old Kawasaki KLX 650? You can do that easily by installing a big bore kit, …

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