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CRF 110: The Best Pit Bike?

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Here at Dirt Bike Vault, we set out to make finding answers to dirt bike questions easy and quick. In this post, that’s specifically for the CRF 110.

Our goal is to not only answer any question you’re looking for about the Honda CRF 110, but to give you the answer quickly and make it simple to find.

We provide the most common and important information at the beginning of this article, with more detailed information in sections following that, and wrap up the article with frequently asked questions.

You can click the topic you’re looking for in the table of contents below to go directly there, or simply scroll to the section you need below. (Another trick for you: hit CTRL + F on a windows computer or cmd + F on a Mac to search for the term you’re looking for.)

Most Important & Common Want-to-Know Information about the CRF 110

CRF 110 Horsepower

Even though it’s a kid’s bike (yes, even Honda says on their site that it’s a youth bike), adult riders, specifically pit bike riders, still want to know how much horsepower a CRF 110 has.

A parent might want to get a CRF110 for their child might also want to know the CRF110 HP to make sure it isn’t too fast for their kid to ride.

The CRF110 horsepower is about 7 hp.

Check out how this horsepower translates into CRF110 top speed.

Honda CRF110 Carburetor or Fuel Injection

The CRF 110 is fuel injected.

Yep, that’s right. A 110 pit bike is fuel injected.

We’d argue this is the biggest reason that Honda has become so popular in the pit bike racing world recently. Whether it makes an actual performance difference is up for debate, but there’s no arguing that it’s pretty neat to see fuel injection in the most popular pit bike size.

For a parent looking to buy a CRF110 for their child to ride, this isn’t too big of a deal. It may make the bike easier to maintain and ride as you don’t have to deal with tuning carburetors and the power delivery is more consistent.

But, if it does break, fuel injection systems and related parts can be more difficult to fix than a simple old-school carburetor.

Electric Start or Kick

The fuel injection was a bit of a surprise, but this shouldn’t be – the CRF110 is electric. It does have a kicker installed from Honda in case the electric start isn’t working and you need to kickstart it.

CRF110 Oil

Honda recommends the CRF 110 engine oil to be 10W-30. The engine oil capacity is 1.1 quarts for just changing the oil.

Wheels and Tires

The CRF110 comes stock with a 15-inch front wheel and a 12-inch rear wheel. The front tire is 70/100-14 and the rear tire is 80/100-12.

CRF 110 Weight

A CRF 110 weighs 169 pounds, including all fluids and a full tank of fuel.

CRF 110 Suspension

The front forks of the CRF 110 are 31.0mm telescopic forks with 3.9 inches of travel and the rear shock is a single shock with 3.8 inches of travel.

For children, or an adult just riding in the backyard, this stock suspension is fine. It’s nothing special, but it will get the job done.

For pit bike racers, you’re going to need to upgrade this suspension right away. You’ll likely want to consider BBR dampening rods and springs in the front forks and either a BBR stiff spring for the rear shock or an aftermarket shock like an Elka.

Another part pit bike racers, or anyone who is going to ride the bike hard, should add right away is a skid plate. A rock can fly up underneath the bike and crack the engine cases without a skid plate — that’s an expensive fix…

CRF 110 Seat Height

The Honda CRF 110 seat height is 25.9 inches.


Similar to almost all Japanese 110cc pit bikes, the CRF110 comes stock with 95mm single-leading-shoe drum brakes in the front and rear.

Chinese pit bikes, like a Kayo dirt bike or an XPro dirt bike, often come with disc brakes stock. These seem like an upgrade, but the quality just isn’t there. I’d prefer drum brakes from a Japanese dirt bike manufacturer over disc brakes from a Chinese manufacturer.

Honda CRF110 Overview

Honda dirt bikes have always been one of the most beloved brands with the most devoted fans. Add in the fact that they were the first major manufacturer to include fuel injection in a 110cc pit bike and the craze for Honda, at least in the pit bike world, exploded.

The fuel injection in the CRF 110 isn’t the first time Honda has been early to the game. Did you know Honda was actually one of the first dirt bikes, or do you know what CRF stands for?

Honda dirt bikes are popular because they’ve historically been some of the most reliable machines you can buy. Not just dirt bikes, but all Honda machines – cars, motorcycles, etc.

This leads to more fun riding and less frustration and repair/parts costs. That’s happiness to a parent’s ears.

If you’re a racer, you’ll love the performance mods available for this machine from CJR Performance.

Here is our CRF 110 being raced on a motocross track during a local pit bike race:

CRF 110 in a corner on a motocross track

Here is the bike as it was raced in a pit bike motocross race:

CRF 110 on a dirt bike stand on pavement
CRF 110 on a dirt bike stand on pavement

It matches our CRF450R perfectly…

And finally, our CRF 110 made street legal:

CRF 110 Specs

Above in this article, we touched on the most important and common information about the Honda CRF 110 that people want to know.

Whenever I buy a new bike, am thinking about buying a new bike, or am buying parts for a bike I just bought, I have questions about certain things. The information covered in the article so far answers nearly all those common questions I have.

In this section here, we’ll provide all of the technical specs about this dirt bike, in case there is more information that’s detailed or nuanced that you’d like to know.

Engine Specs

  • Displacement: 109cc (rounded up to 110cc)
  • Bore x Stroke: 50.0mm x 55.6mm
  • Compression Ratio: 9.0:1
  • Induction: Fuel injection with 19mm throttle bore
  • Transmission: 4-speed semi-automatic (automatic clutch, but still have to shift)
  • Drive: Chain
  • Engine Type: 4-stroke
  • Cooling System: Air-cooled
  • Valve Train: Unicam SOHC (2-valve)
  • Number of Cylinders: Single cylinder

Chassis Specs

  • Front Suspension: 31.0mm telescopic forks (3.9 inches of travel)
  • Rear Suspension: Single shock (3.8 inches of travel)
  • Front Brakes: 95mm single-leading-shoe drum
  • Rear Brakes: 95mm single-leading-shoe drum
  • Front Tires: 70/100-14
  • Rear Tires: 80/100-12

Chassis Specs

  • Length: 60.6 inches
  • Width: 26.6 inches
  • Height: 36.4 inches
  • CRF 110 seat height: 25.9 inches
  • Wheelbase: 41.9 inches
  • Rake (Caster): 25.4 degrees
  • Trail: 2 inches
  • Ground clearance: 6.7 inches
  • Fuel capacity: 1.0 gallons
  • Weight: 169 pounds wet

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Frequently Asked Questions about the CRF 110

How much does a 110 Honda cost?

The base MSRP cost for a 110 Honda is $2,599 (plus destination charge and freight surcharge).

How much horsepower is a CRF 110?

A CRF 110 has about 7 horsepower.

What age group is a CRF110 for?

The age group a CRF110 is for is about 8 to 11 years old, as well as adults racing 110cc pit bikes. It can also be great for beginners up to 13 year olds.

How many gears does a 2022 CRF 110?

A 2022 CRF 110 has four gears via its 4-speed semi-automatic transmission.

Does a CRF 110 have a clutch?

No, a CRF 110 does not have a clutch. It has a 4-speed semi-automatic transmission.

Is the CRF 110 electric start?

Yes, the CRF 110 is electric start stock from Honda.

Is Honda 110 a good bike?

Yes, the Honda 110 is a good bike. The CRF 110, Honda’s 110, is one of the best youth bikes and pit bikes on the market.

Does CRF 110 have throttle limiter?

Yes, the CRF 110 does have a throttle limiter by simply turning a screw.

How heavy is a Honda 110?

A Honda 110 is not too heavy, it weighs only 169 pounds.

How many gears does a 110 Honda have?

A 110 Honda has 4 gears via its semi-automatic transmission.

Is the CRF110F fuel injected?

Yes, the CRF110F is fuel injected. It was the first 110cc pit bike to be fuel injected.

How tall is a 2022 Honda 110?

The overall height of a 2022 Honda 110 is 36.4 inches, but the seat height is 25.9 inches.

How much is a 2023 Honda 110?

A 2023 Honda 110 costs $2,599 MSRP, plus destination charge and freight surcharge.

Where is the Honda CRF110 made?

The Honda CRF110 is made in China. However, it uses higher quality materials and a better manufacturing process than its Chinese equivalent bikes.

When did the CRF110 get fuel injection?

The CRF110 got fuel injection in 2019.

How can I make my CRF110 faster?

You can make your CRF110 faster by getting an aftermarket pipe, changing gearing, drilling out the airbox, opening up the throttle body more, changing/improving the mapping, and doing a big bore kit.

Are Honda 110 fuel injected?

Yes, the Honda 110 are fuel injected after 2019, but models before that are not fuel-injected.

How much is a brand new CRF110?

A brand new CRF110 is about $2,599 MSRP from Honda, with additional charges for shipping and assembly.

Is CRF 110 automatic?

No, the CRF 110 is not automatic, it’s semi-automatic with a 4-speed transmission and no clutch.

Are pit bikes street legal?

Pit bikes are not street legal stock in the way they come. However, many pit bikes can be made street legal.

Does a CRF 110 2022 have a clutch?

No, a CRF 110 2022 does not have a clutch. None of the CRF 110 bikes have a clutch stock from Honda. You can add an aftermarket manual clutch if you’d like.