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Honda CRF230F: The Complete Guide


Though the Honda CRF230F came out in 2003, the popularity of the CRF230F endures.

Minor updates released throughout the years improve both the appearance and function of the bike. Otherwise, the CRF230F remains mostly unchanged.

The reliability, consistency, and customization of the Honda CRF230F underscore a well-rounded trail bike. This model is a favorite among adults and teens alike.

Keep reading for our complete guide to the Honda CRF230F. Is this the right bike for you? Let’s find out. 

Honda CRF-F Series

The Honda CRF230F stands alongside a long line of CRF-F series bikes. Since 2000, Honda has released ten different CRF-F series bikes, replacing its popular CR series bikes, including the CRF50F, CRF70F, CRF80F, CRF100F, CRF110F, CRF125F, CRF125FB, CRF150F, CRF230F, and the CRF250F. Before the CRF series, and even the CR series, there were the popular XR dirt bikes, like the 1994 Honda XR600R.

Besides the discontinued CRF70F, CRF80F, CRF100F, and CRF150F, the rest of Honda’s CRF-F lineup continues pleasing customers and selling well in the United States.

Customers especially praise Honda’s CRF-F series. The CRF50F and CRF110F accommodate beginner riders with automatic clutches and infrequent maintenance. However, the CRF125F and CRF250F include more durable wheels for tackling demanding trails with dual disc brakes.

Honda’s diverse CRF-F lineup offers a bike for everyone. So why choose the CRF230F? Should you choose the CRF230 or Honda’s competitor, the Yamaha TTR 230?

Honda CRF230F

Honda CRF230F bike

Price: MSRP $4,349

Goldilocks wanted her porridge not too hot and not too cold—a sentiment relatable for those seeking a high-performance dirt bike without paying high costs.

The Honda CRF230F’s 223cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine provides powerful torque yet will not overwhelm beginner riders. Handling and control of the CRF230F prove reliable for those learning turning skills. This model also allows experienced riders to safely bank berms without wallowing. 

The suspension of the Honda CRF230F demonstrates adequate comfort for beginner riders at low speeds.

However, the CRF230 suspension may displease experienced riders when landing jumps and braking.

The CRF230F seat height is 34.6 inches and is in line with most full-size dirt bikes.

The 249-pound Honda CRF230F rewards beginner riders with the experience of successfully handling heavier bikes. Nonetheless, seasoned riders may find the heavy weight of the CRF230F unnecessary, given the limited performance capabilities. 

Too much weight with not enough power can make this bike feel slow at times for experienced riders and racers, but is great for many riders not looking to race.

Is the Honda CRF230F suitable for you? The Honda CRF230F’s specifications below provide helpful insights for choosing your next trail or track bike. 

Honda CRF230F Engine and Transmission Specs

  • 223cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine 
  • Compression ratio 9:0:1 
  • Bore and stroke 65.5mm x 66.2mm
  • Induction piston-valve carburetor
  • CD ignition 
  • Valve train SOCH; two-valve 
  • Six-speed transmission 
  • #520 O-ring-sealed chain 13T/50T
  • CRF230F top seed is 60 mph

The Honda CRF230F’s engine provides torque over a wide RPM range and features a suitable two-valve cylinder head. Two-valve cylinder head engines increase low and midrange torque by quickening airflow at lower speeds.

For riders wary of top speed, the CRF230F engine performs well for casual riding. The Honda CRF230F top speed reaches 60 mph and has a total horsepower of 18.

It includes maintenance-reducing properties such as the CD ignition, O-ring, and air-cooling system. 

The Honda CRF230F engine enables experienced riders to thrive and beginner riders to learn. The CRF230F’s thermal efficiency of 9:0:1 allows more time to enjoy trails and less time to perform costly maintenance and repairs. The six-speed transmission enables improved acceleration, fuel economy, and engine lifespan.

That said, this model is still carbureted, which means you may deal with a lean bog vs rich bog issue at times. If that’s the case for you, be sure to check out our lean bog vs rich bog article.

Overall, the Honda CRF230F engine provides the perfect blend of power and performance for riders looking for a non-race bike.

Honda CRF230F Suspension and Brakes Specs

Front Suspension

  • 37mm leading-axle Showa fork, 9.5 inches travel 

Rear Suspension 

  • Pro-link Showa single shock with spring-preload adjustability, 9 inches travel 

Front Brake

  • Single 240mm disc brake

Rear Brake 

  • Rear drum brake

The Honda CRF230F’s front 37mm Showa fork and rear Showa shock provide reliable support for casual riders. The suspension is insufficient for those seeking to push the limits of the CRF230 with motocross racing. However, the CRF230F’s suspension and braking systems function suitably for beginner riders and trail riding.

The single 240mm disc brake and rear drum brake produce great control for tight turns and quick stops. The Honda CRF230F brakes handle uneven terrain but may prove insufficient for broad-breaking bumps. The Honda CRF230F brakes and suspension perfectly function for aspiring, beginner, and woods riders. 

Honda CRF230F Dimensions 

  • 54-inch wheelbase 
  • 27.3º rake (castor angle) 
  • 4.4-inch trail 
  • 34.6-inch seat height 
  • 81.1-inch length 
  • 31.5-inch width 
  • 11.7-inch ground clearance 
  • 1.9-gallon fuel capacity, 0.4 gallons reserved 
  • 249-pound curb weight 

The Honda CRF230F seat height allows riders maximum rider movement and comfortability. The full-sized wheels and short wheelbase aid turning abilities and provide improved mobility through trails. Adequate ground clearance protects the Honda CRF230F from snagging on obstacles or bottoming out.

The dimensions of the Honda CRF230F offer beginner riders the feeling of riding a larger bike without unneeded or overwhelming power. The CRF230 prepares beginner riders as they ascend to bigger, faster bikes over time. The CRF230F’s standard equipment meets green-sticker requirements and off-road standards.

Lastly, the CRF230F’s size allows both experienced and amateur riders to enjoy trail riding.  

Honda CRF230F Additional Features

  • Skid plates
  • Fork boots 
  • Electric starter 
  • Reusable foam air filter
  • Wide footpegs/brake pedal

The Honda CRF230F has many features designed to keep you on the trails and out of the garage.

Reusable air filters and skid plates reduce unwanted grime from damaging your engine. Fork boots deter debris and moisture from damaging the suspension. Comfortable seating and wide footpegs provide support for beginner riders.

The many additional features of the Honda CRF230 encourage new riders to gain confidence and hit the trails with conviction. 

Honda CRF230F Overview 

The Honda CRF230F offers new riders the perfect blend of performance and safety. High praise from experienced and amateur riders proves the CRF230’s dependability.

The CRF230 includes a lot of opportunities for aftermarket parts, allowing seasoned riders to enhance performance capabilities further. The CRF230’s versatility meets high expectations, making the CRF230F an excellent choice for beginner riders.

If you seek a user-friendly, high-performance bike to introduce or reintroduce yourself to trails or tracks, this CRF230 may be for you. 

Below is our CRF230. This is actually a CRF230M model (not the L or F model). Although this is the M model and not the F model we discussed in this article, it’s a very similar bike, just made for the street instead of off-roading.

Black Honda CRF230 bike

Before you can decide whether the Honda CRF230F is a good choice for you, take a look at the Yamaha competitor TTR 230 and a Kawasaki competitor KLX300.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Honda CRF230F

How much does a CRF230F cost?

The MSRP for a CRF230F is $4,349.

Is a CRF230 a good beginner bike?

Yes, the CRF230 is a good beginner bike.

When did Honda stop making CRF230?

Honda stopped making the CRF230F models in 2019, and the L and M models about a decade earlier.

Does Honda still make the CRF230F?

No, Honda doesn’t still make the CRF230F. It discontinued it in 2019.

What is the weight of a Honda CRF 230?

The weight of a Honda CRF 230 is 249 pounds.

How much HP does a CRF230 have?

A CRF230 has about 18 hp.

What replaced the CRF230?

The CRF250F replaced the CRF230.

How many gears does a CRF 230 have?

The CRF 230 has six (6) gears.

How much does a 230 dirt bike weigh?

The CRF230F dirt bike weighs 249 pounds.

How tall is a CRF 230?

The CRF230F seat height is 34.6 inches tall.

How many valves does a CRF230F have?

A CRF230F has two valves.

What oil does a CRF230F take?

A CRF230F takes 10W-30 oil.

What is the Honda CRF230F top speed?

The Honda CRF230F top speed is about 60 mph.