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Haiden Deegan: Who is He, and What’s with the Hype?

If you’re involved in the dirt bike racing world at all, it’s almost guaranteed you’ve heard of Haiden Deegan. If you haven’t, where have you been? Living under a jump?

But not everyone knows exactly who he is or his background. They may have just heard the name before. In this article, I will be diving deep into the world and life of Haiden Deegan.

Haiden Deegan standing behind his Yamaha YZ250F

Haiden Dangerboy Deegan: Who Is He?

Haiden Deegan, often referred to as Dangerboy, can be described in a lot of different ways. He’s a (professional?) motocross and supercross racer for Star Racing Yamaha, a YouTube star, entrepreneur, son, brother, and more.

Quick side note: why did I put a question mark after professional? Well, that’s a bit complicated… we’ll touch on this a bit later in the article.

With his family, Haiden Deegan has one of the largest dirt bike-related YouTube channels in the world — if not the largest. Their YouTube channel has over 1.21 million subscribers and over 340,000,000 views since it was started on 27, 2014.

The Deegans YouTube channel follows the life, adventures, and racing of the Deegan family. Haiden is the face of the family these days for dirt bike racing, but the rest of the family has earned their own as well.

Hailie Deegan, Haiden’s sister, is a professional stock car racing driver. Haiden’s dad, Brian Deegan, is a 14-time X-Games medalist and co-founder of Metal Mulisha, and Huckson Deegan, Haiden’s brother, has done well in his own right racing dirt bikes (not quite to the level of Haiden, but still impressive nonetheless).

New videos are released on The Deegan’s YouTube channel every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 3pm PST.

Alongside their successful YouTube channel, the Deegans have launched a successful e-commerce business called Shop Deegan 38. Each family member has their own line of products being sold.

On top of their YouTube channel and e-commerce business, Haiden Deegan has one of the largest social media followings of all dirt bike racers. Haiden even has more followers than his teammate, ESPY-winning, multi-time professional champion, Eli Tomac.

Haiden Deegan has been in the spotlight since a very young age due to the family he was raised in and his natural ability to ride a dirt bike. He’s grown into one of the most promising up-and-coming prospects in professional motocross and supercross history.

The most recent up-and-comer that I can remember being anything close to Haiden Deegan in terms of popularity and promise was Adam Cianciarulo, but Haiden even makes Cianciarulo’s early popularity look small.

Haiden Deegan Age

Seeing how much Haiden has accomplished and what he’s on track to do in racing, some people think he’s older than he really is. The reality is that Haiden Deegan is only 17 years old, born on January 10, 2006.

Haiden Deegan Weight

Haiden Deegan’s weight is not currently listed on his Star Racing Yamaha’s rider profile page, but based on his build, it’s estimated that his current weight is about 132 pounds (60 Kg).

Haiden Deegan Height

Similar to his weight, Haiden Deegan’s height is not listed on the Star Racing Yamaha profile page, but based on comparison to other riders and his size on the bike, it’s estimated he is about 5’7″.

Haiden Deegan Pro Debut

Haiden Deegan’s pro debut took place in the summer of 2022 at Ironman Raceway in Crawfordsville, IN as part of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Nationals.

In his first professional season, he only raced two races — Ironman and Fox Raceway 2.

His pro debut was not quite as successful as he, his family, or his sponsors had hoped with a gnarly crash in the first moto and a few mistakes and more minor crashes in the second moto. He ended up 31st overall at Ironman with a 34th (P34) in the first moto and a 24th (P24) in the second moto.

His second professional race, back at his former home track, went a bit better than the weekend prior at Ironman. At Fox Raceway 2, he finished 13th overall, with a 16th (P16) in the first moto and a season-best 10th (P10) in the second moto.

So, why did his pro debut only include two races?

Well, because he didn’t want to turn pro full-time quite yet. There were a few more amateur races he wanted to race still. If he ran more pro motocross nationals, he likely would’ve accumulated too many points to still be eligible for the amateur nationals.

If you earn more than 40 Pro Motocross points in a year, you are not eligible for the AMA amateur motocross nationals.

The two main events that he wanted to race before turning pro full-time were Loretta Lynn’s and Mini O’s.

Loretta Lynn’s 2022

In August 2022, Haiden raced in the 250 B and Schoolboy 2 classes at the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National. He accomplished one goal, but failed short on another.

He was able to with the national title in the Schoolboy 2 class by sweeping all three motos. In 250 B, he finished 11th overall due to a DNF in the first moto. In the second moto, he finished 2nd, and in the final 250 B moto, he won.

The DNF in the first moto of 250 B was a result of just a bit of bad luck. Fellow Yamaha rider Evan Ferry got slightly stuck in a rut at the beginning of the race. When Haiden went to go by him, Ferry’s footpeg ripped out some of the spokes in Deegan’s rear wheel. This left Deegan’s bike unrideable, causing him to DNF.

Mini O’s 2022

At Mini O’s in November 2022, Haiden continued his dominance, but this time bumping up to the most premiere amateur classes — 250 A, 250 Pro Sport, and 450 Pro Sport.

Mini O’s is structured with supercross racing first to start the event, then motocross wrapping up the event. In the supercross portion of the event, Haiden went 1-5 for 5th overall in 250 A, 6-1 for 1st overall in 250 Pro Sport, and 1-1 for 1st overall in 450 Pro Sport.

In the two motos where he finished 5th and 6th, he was plagued by bad starts and some small crashes. Starts are always important in racing – my dad says it’s 80% or more of a race – but even more so on a tight, technical track like the small supercross track at Mini O’s. These bad starts made it difficult for Deegan to move to the front.

The final 450 Pro Sport moto was a great race, with Deegan making the pass for the lead and the win on the last lap. And, it was a bit of an aggressive pass… but, that’s supercross for you.

Deegan’s dominance went up another level when the motocross portion of Mini O’s started. He swept every moto off all three of his classes, going 1-1 for 1st overall in 250 A, 250 Pro Sport, and 450 Pro Sport.

Not only that, but one of his 450 Pro Sport motos included a pretty amazing comeback win after getting a bad holeshot.

Will Haiden Deegan Race Supercross 2022?

No, Haiden Deegan technically will not be racing Supercross in 2022 — at least not in the 250 or 450 classes, that is. He will be racing the SX Futures class in Supercross in 2022.

Although he is a very high-profile “amateur” rider, and he has earned his professional motocross license, he has not officially earned his professional supercross license, which means he cannot race supercross in 2022. He must first earn enough points to obtain his supercross license.

Haiden Deegan Net Worth

Although he has been a very high-profile rider for a while, even as an amateur, there isn’t a lot of specific, personal information about him yet.

His height and weight aren’t often discussed yet. Which, realistically doesn’t make too much of a difference at this point as he’s still growing.

Similar to his height and weight, his financial position isn’t often discussed. The reality is that he just signed his first professional contract and he’s only 16 years old.

That said, it’s estimated that from YouTube earnings, ShopDeegan38 sales, and his Yamaha contract, his net worth is around $1M-$1.5M. Please keep in mind that this is a rough estimate at best.

Does Haiden Deegan Have a Kid?

Ha, no… Haiden Deegan does not have a kid.

This is a popular question that has been swirling around on the internet after the Deegans and Craigs got close over the last year or so.

Christian Craig, Haiden’s former Star Racing Yahama teammate, and his wife Paige also have a popular YouTube channel and social media accounts. On social media and YouTube, there are posts and videos from the Craigs and Deegan showing Deegan with the Craig’s children, mainly Jagger Craig.

Because of these videos and pictures, it has led to speculation on the internet that Haiden Deegan has a kid, but, he does not have a child.

Frequently Asked Questions About Haiden Deegan

Did Haiden Deegan’s bike get claimed?

Haiden Deegan’s bike did get claimed, and it didn’t. Technically, a claim was submitted for his bike at Loretta Lynn’s in 2022, but it didn’t officially go through after a lot of controversy.

How old is Haiden Deegan?

As of this writing, Haiden Deegan is currently 16 years old (born January 10, 2006).

How tall is Haiden Deegan?

It is estimated that Haiden Deegan is about 5 feet 7 inches tall.

When will Haiden Deegan turn pro?

Haiden Deegan has technically already turned pro for motocross, but has not yet earned his pro license for supercross. It’s expected that Haiden Deegan will turn pro full-time for motocross in 2023 and supercross in 2024.

What bike does Haiden Deegan ride?

Haiden Deegan currently rides a Yamaha YZ250F for Star Racing Yamaha.

Is Haiden Deegan a pro rider?

Haiden Deegan is technically a pro motocross rider, but not a pro supercross rider. He has earned enough Pro Motocross points for his MX license, but he has not earned enough points for his supercross license yet. Also, because he hasn’t scored too many Pro Motocross points, he’s still able to run amateur national races.

What CC does Haiden Deegan race?

Haiden Deegan currently races a 250cc dirt bike (Yamaha YZ250F).

How old was Haiden Deegan when he did his first backflip?

Haiden Deegan was 10 years old when he did his first backflip.

How many championships does Haiden Deegan have?

As of 2022, Haiden Deegan has earned more than 30 amateur championships.

How many Loretta’s titles does Haiden Deegan have?

As of 2022, Haiden Deegan has earned seven (7) Loretta’s titles.

Is Haiden Deegan Hailie Deegan’s brother?

Yes, Haiden Deegan is Hailie Deegan’s little brother.

What helmet does Haiden Deegan wear?

Haiden Deegan currently was an Alpinestar Helmet (SM10).