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CRF150R: Honda’s Sickest Mini

CRF150R, Honda

It drives me nuts when I have a question about my CRF150R and I can’t find a specific answer to my question quickly. We set out to solve that.

No more scanning through pages and pages of words to find what you’re looking for.

Our goal is to not only answer any question you’re looking for about the Honda CRF150R, but to give you the answer quickly and make it simple to find. We provide the most common and important information at the beginning of this article, with more detailed information in sections following that, and wrap up the article with frequently asked questions.

You can click the topic you’re looking for in the table of contents below to go directly there, or simply scroll to the section you need below.

Most Important & Common Want-to-Know Information about the CRF150R

CRF150R Horsepower

As dirt bike riders, we have to know how fast our bikes go and how much power they have. Race bikes and motocross bikes, like the Honda CRF150R, make us want to know even more.

The CRF150R horsepower is about 24 hp. (this is about 10 horsepower less than the YZ 125).

Check out how this horsepower translates into CRF150R top speed.

Honda CRF150R Carburetor or Fuel Injection

Truthfully, I’m a bit surprised, but Honda still uses a carburetor on the CRF150R instead of fuel injection.

Why does this surprise me?

Because Honda released its pit bike, the CRF110, with fuel injection before this motocross bike.

Seems odd to me.

I guess Honda tries to justify it by saying that the bike uses a “‘direct push’ accelerator pump which gives you better, more immediate throttle response.”

Having a carburetor isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just surprising that Honda would include it in a pit bike before a race bike.

If you are having trouble with your bike running properly due to carburetor issues, be sure to read our lean bog vs rich bog guide.

Electric Start or Kick

Again, kind of surprising, like the carburetor, the Honda CRF150R does not have electric start.

Honda has added electric start to many F model bikes, including the CRF150F, but not the R model.

CRF150R Oil

Honda recommends the CRF150R engine oil to be 10W-30. The CRF150R engine oil capacity is 0.59 quarts for just changing the oil. If you also change the oil filter, the oil capacity is 0.62 quarts. If you disassemble the engine, the oil capacity is then 0.74 quarts.

The CRF150R transmission oil is recommended to also be 10W-30. The transmission oil capacity is 0.60 after draining and 0.69 quarts after disassembling the engine.

Wheels and Tires

The Honda CRF150R comes stock with a 17-inch front wheel and a 14-inch rear wheel. The front tire dimensions are 70/100-17 and the rear tire dimensions are 90/100-14. The bike comes stock with Dunlop MX51 tires front and rear.

It’s important to note that the above information is for the R model NOT the Expert model. The Expert model’s information is below.

The CRF150R Expert model comes stock with a 19-inch front wheel and a 16-inch rear wheel. The front tire dimensions are 70/100-19 and the rear tire dimensions are 90/100-16 This model also comes stock with Dunlop MX51 tires front and rear.

The CRF150R and the CRF150R Expert are essentially the same bike, the only major difference is the wheel size mentioned above.

CRF150R Weight

A CRF150R weighs about 185 pounds wet (which means including all fuel and fluids).


In the front, the bike comes stock with 37mm leading-axle inverted Show cartridge forks that have 10.8 inches of travel and allow you to adjust rebound and compression.

The rear shock is a Pro-Link Showa shock that has 10.7 inches of travel and allows you to adjust rebound and compression as well.


The bike comes stock with a 220mm disc brake in the front and a 190mm disc brake in the rear.

CRF150R Gearing

The CRF150R comes stock with a 15-tooth front sprocket and a 50-tooth rear sprocket. It also comes with a #420 chain.

Honda CRF150R Overview

The Honda CRF150R isn’t all that popular of a race bike at major dirt bike races, but it is still Honda’s sickest mini dirt bike and can be competitive in the right class with the right rider.

Although it is sometimes underpowered at motocross races, it still has enough power to make it not the best bike for beginners. The manual clutch and overall motocross feel to the bike can make it difficult for young, or beginner, riders.

That said, it is a Honda, meaning it’s a very reliable, high-quality machine. Honda says they’ve taken a lot of the technology advancements from the CRF450R motor and used that in the R&D of the CRF150R motor.

Honda CRF150R dirt bike

CRF150R Specs

Above in this article, we touched on the most important and common want-to-know information about the Honda CRF150R.

Whenever I buy a new bike, am thinking about buying a new bike, or am buying parts for a bike I just bought, I have questions about certain things. The information covered in the article so far answers nearly all those common questions I have.

In this section here, we’ll provide all of the technical specs about this dirt bike.

Engine Specs

  • Displacement: 149.77cc (rounded up to 150cc)
  • Bore x Stroke: 66mm x 43.8mm
  • Compression Ratio: 11.7:1
  • Fuel Delivery: 32mm Keihin flat-slide carburetor with Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
  • Transmission: close-ratio 5-speed manual
  • Drive: Chain
  • Engine Type: 4-stroke
  • Cooling System: Liquid-cooled
  • Valve Train: Unicam SOHC (4-valve)
  • Number of Cylinders: Single cylinder

Chassis Specs

  • Front Suspension: 37mm leading-axle inverted Showa cartridge fork with rebound and compression adjustments (10.8 inches of travel)
  • Rear Suspension: Single Pro-Link Showa shock with rebound and compression adjustments (10.7 inches of travel)
  • Front Brakes: 220mm disc
  • Rear Brakes: 190mm disc
  • Front Tires: Dunlop MX51 70/100-17 (Expert model is 70/100-19)
  • Rear Tires: Dunlop MX51 90/100-14 (Expert model is 90/100-16)

Chassis Specs

CRF150RCRF150R Expert
Length72.1 inches74.8 inches
Width30.3 inches30.3 inches
Height44.6 inches46.1 inches
Seat Height32.8 inches34.1 inches
Wheelbase49.6 inches50.6 inches
Rake27 degrees27 degrees
Trail3.1 inches3.8 inches
Ground Clearance11.9 inches13.2 inches
Fuel Capacity1.1 gallons1.1 gallons
Weight185 pounds wet187 pounds wet

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Frequently Asked Questions about the CRF150R

How much does a CRF150R cost?

A CRF150R cost $5,299 MSRP. The CRF150R Expert model is $5,499 MSRP.

Is a CRF150R a full size bike?

No, a CRF150R is not a full size bike. It has a 17-inch front wheel and a 14-inch rear wheel, whereas most full size dirt bikes have a 21-inch front wheel and a 18- or 19-inch rear wheel. A CRF150R Expert (or CRF150RB) is is closer to a full size bike with a 19-inch front wheel and a 16-inch rear wheel, but it still is not a full size bike.

Are CRF150R electric start?

Surprisingly, no, the CRF150R dirt bike is not electric start (yet).

What is the difference between a CRF150R and a CRF150F?

The CRF150R is a race bike designed for motocross racing and tracks, whereas the CRF150F is a trail bike designed for riding in the woods. The CRF150R has more aggressive engine, suspension, and chassis design compared to the CRF150F.

What is the horsepower of a CRF150R?

The horsepower of a CRF150R is about 24 horsepower.

Is CRF 150 good for long ride?

A CRF150R is generally not good for long ride, but a CRF150F would be good for long ride.

Does CRF 150 have electric start?

A CRF150R does not have electric start, but the CRF150F does have electric start.

Is the CRF150R 2 stroke?

No, the CRF150R is not a 2 stroke. It has a liquid-cooled 4 stroke engine.

Is the 2022 CRF150R fuel injected?

No, the 2022 CRF150R is not fuel injected, surprisingly. Honda has not made any of the CRF150R’s fuel injected yet.

Is the CRF150R fuel injected?

No, Honda has not made any of the CRF150R fuel injected.

How many gears does a Honda CRF150R have?

A Honda CRF150R has 5 gears and a manual clutch/transmission.

How do I start a CRF150R?

Since a CRF150R does not have electric start, you will have to start the dirt bike using it’s kickstarter.

What is the difference between CRF150R and 150rb?

The biggest difference between CRF150R and 150rb is the wheel size. The CRF150R has a 17-inch front wheel and a 14-inch rear wheel while the 150rb has a 19-inch front wheel and a 16-inch rear wheel.

Is a 2007 Honda CRF150R a 4 stroke?

Yes, a 2007 Honda CRF150R is a 4 stroke engine.

What is a CRF150R Expert?

A CRF150R Expert is a model of the Honda CRF150R dirt bike that has slightly larger wheels than the base model CRF150R. The base model has a 17-inch front wheel and a 14-inch rear wheel, while the CRF150R Expert has a 19-inch front wheel and a 16-inch rear wheel.

Is a CRF150R a 4 stroke?

Yes, a CRF150R is a 4 stroke engine.

How tall is a 2022 Honda CRF150R?

The total overall height of a 2022 Honda CRF150R is 44.6 inches and the CRF150R seat height is 32.8 inches.

Is a CRF150R a good beginner bike?

A CRF150R is not really a good beginner bike. It is a good beginner bike for someone who is new and getting into motocross racing, but non-racing beginner riders would be better suited for a different bike.