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KLX300 Mods Guide


The first liquid-cooled KLX300 trail bike was manufactured by Kawasaki back in 1997. As years passed by, the machine got a fresh new facelift and a layer of cosmetics in 2003. However, Kawasaki stopped manufacturing the KLX300 in 2007.

Surprisingly, the KLX300 returned over a decade later with an arsenal of new and big updates, such as electric start and fuel injection.

The bike is great for beginners and offers an experience free from frustrations and much enjoyment on the trails. In our article, you will learn the best KLX300 mods that can help you improve the bike’s performance, making it faster and more enjoyable.

KLX300 Mods

If you’re on this page reading this article, you’re likely interested in mods because you want to make your KLX300 faster.

You can start by removing the air box’s lid. You will no longer need it.

Next, you can cut out the backfire screen because it still holds a lot of air despite the mesh operating properly. Try not to leave any metal shavings that can be ingested later by the carb. 

Also, the mesh wire is sharp so watch your fingers. Remove the stock crankcase vent hose with two feet of ½-inch hose. Using a bolt, plug the old vent hose that connects to the air box and ensure it is secured with the stock clamp. 

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Lastly, place the new hose alongside the shock, behind the carb, and into the air box. For the final step, you must attach a small filter and the end of the hose. Remember, don’t use a disposable filter; it can be hard to clean. 

The Kawasaki KLX300 is a great bike right out of the box, but these simple mods can make the machine breathe easier and run faster. In addition, the best KLX300 mods that we recommend are free. 

Best Mods for Kawasaki KLX300

Air box mod 

Every part of the bike has a purpose. Even though the bike has a stocked air box that is pretty good at keeping out dirt and mud, this could be an issue if you want more power. 

The little to no room for mud also blocks the air that needs to get in. The air that goes through the carb (assuming you don’t have a new fuel-injected model) is very important because it needs to be properly mixed with the fuel to make the most power. 

The lid on the top of the air box can be removed. Doing so will allow a much bigger opening for the air to enter. Now your bike has the potential for more horsepower and torque.

The only downside is that your motorcycle will potentially suck in more dirt.

You can expand the lifetime of your engine by regularly cleaning the air filter

Jetting (older models)

Jetting the carburetor is essential for the proper running of any dirt bike. The Kawasaki KLX300 is no different. If you like the bike to be more reliable, maximize the power usage, run well, and start more easily, you must properly jet the carburetor. 

The process is not that hard; you can do it even if you are a newbie without experience. Check out our guide to tuning your carb.

Plus, even if you make a mistake along the way, you can easily go back to your default settings. 

Suspension upgrade

As previously stated, the KLX300 is great, and the stock suspension is fine.

However, the suspension is a bit soft and can be an issue if you are a heavier rider. If the suspension is too soft, you can upgrade it and make the forks and shock work much better. 

Exhaust pipe

The stock pipe is one of the biggest parts holding back the KLX300.

We recommend an aftermarket pipe, with the addition of proper jetting for older models. This will increase the overall power of the bike. 

KLX300 mod Pro Circuit pipe

Non-Performance Mods

All of the mods I’ve discussed in this article so far have been performance-enhancing. Meaning they’re going to make your bike faster. These next few mods that I’m going to mention aren’t going to make your KLX300 any faster, but they’re common mods people enjoy.

The first is foot pegs. Again, they’re not designed to make the bike any faster, but they can make you faster on the bike and even make you safer. Aftermarket foot pegs are designed to give you better grip.

Better grip leads to your foot falling off less, which means you can go faster and be safer.

Another common mod is tires. Depending on where or how you want to ride your KLX300 is going to determine which tires you want, but regardless of which tread pattern, aftermarket tires are very common mods for the KLX300.

Aftermarket handlebars are also a common mod done to the KLX300. Really, any dirt bike. It’s not that the stock handlebars are bad necessarily, but aftermarket bars are lighter-weight, sturdier, and can look better.

Things to Consider Before Modifying Your KLX300 

Before you start implementing our recommendations for the best KLX300 mods, there are two main things that you should consider. Firstly, adding more power to your bike will not necessarily make every rider faster. 

Secondly, adding aftermarket parts, depending on what you choose, can reduce the reliability of your KLX300.

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Frequently Asked Questions about KLX300 Mods

Is the KLX300R a full size bike?

Yes, the KLX300R is a full size bike.

Are KLX300 reliable?

Yes, the KLX300 is a reliable bike. Kawasaki is a very reputable brand that builds high-quality dirt bikes.

Is the KLX300 street legal?

Yes, the KLX300 can be street legal if you get the dual sport or SM (supermoto) models.

How fast is a Kawasaki KLX 300R?

The Kawasaki KLX 300R will do between 60-80 mph depending on riding conditions.

Is the KLX 300 a trail bike?

The KLX 300 is a trail bike and street bike. It’s considered a dual sport or supermoto, so it can technically do both.

Does KLX 300 have electric start?

The newer models of the KLX 300 do have electric start, while the pre-2007 models do not have electric start.

How much does a KLX 300 weigh?

The new KLX 300 weighs about 302 lbs.

How much HP does a KLX300 have?

The KLX300 has about 23.95 HP.

Where is the Kawasaki KLX300 made?

Kawasaki makes the KLX300 in it’s Thailand facility.

Is the KLX300 fuel injected?

Yes next KLX300 models are fuel injected, while the pre-2007 models are not fuel injected.

How much horsepower does a 2022 klx300r have?

A 2022 KLX300R has about 24 horsepower.

How much does a klx300r weight?

A KLX300R weighs about 302lbs.

How much does a KLX 300r cost?

A KLX 300r costs about $5,799 to $5,999.

Is the 2020 KLX300 fuel injected?

Yes, the 2020 KLX300 is fuel injected.

Is a KLX300 a 4 stroke?

Yes, the KLX300 is a 4 stroke.

Is a KLX300 a 2 stroke?

No, the KLX300 is not a 2 stroke, it’s a 4 stroke.

How heavy is a 2022 klx300r?

The 2022 KLX300r weighs about 300lbs.

How many cylinders does a KLX300 have?

The KLX300 has a 1 cylinder engine.

How fast does a KLX300 go?

A KLX300 goes between 60 and 80 mph depending on the riding conditions.

Does KLX300 have abs?

No, the KLX300 does not have ABS.

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