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The Story of Eli Tomac

Eli Tomac

Coming off a dominating season in 2022 comparable to the greats of Jeremy Mcgrath, Ricky Carmichael, and James “Bubba” Stewart, Eli Tomac has accrued the accolades that place him at the same prestige as top legends in the sport of motocross.

Eli Tomac and His Family

Known to be one of the least active pro racers on social media (Eli is arguably the best dirt bike rider in the world right now, and he has less Instagram followers than 16-year phenom Haiden Deegan), Eli likes to do his work in quiet and let it show on race day. He also likes to keep family life to himself. 

At 30 years old, some would say Eli Tomac is getting old in the world of professional motocross. The aggressive style Eli has when racing makes him look like one of the bigger riders in the paddock, but he has a fairly average height at just 5’ 9’’ tall and 165 pounds.

Eli has managed to build his racing career from his family ranch in Cortez, Colorado, where he was born and raised by his father, John Tomac, and Mother Kathy Tomac.

It’s not surprising that John Tomac, Eli’s father, has been Eli’s trainer throughout the majority of his career. John Tomac himself was inducted into the mountain bike hall of fame and United States Bicycle Hall of fame after a prestigious career in cycling.

In recent years Eli has started a family of his own. Eli Tomac’s wife, Jessica Tomac, runs a non-profit animal shelter that focuses on rehabilitation and a temporary home for dogs. Jessica and Eli have also been blessed with their daughter Lev and son Noah.

Eli Tomac’s Net Worth and Career

It’s difficult to tell exactly how much Eli Tomac is worth. Most online sources point to his net worth being about $5 million, but let’s take a look at why this is likely to be an extremely low estimate based on the success he had in the 2022 season alone.

Income SourceIncome
Pro Motocross Championship Bonus (from Yamaha)$1,000,000
Supercross Championship Bonus (from Yamaha)$1,000,000
Race Win Bonus (from Yamaha for SX and MX)$1,200,000
Race Win Payment (from Pro Motocross promoters)$75,000
Race Win Payment (from Supercross promoters)$84,000
Race Win Bonus (from Sponsors for SX and MX)$1,200,000
World Supercross Win$250,000

Here are the assumptions we used in our calculations for his income this year:

  • 12 race wins total in 2022: 7 supercross (SX) and 5 motocross (MX)
  • Supercross win purse per race: $12,000
  • Motocross win purse per race: $15,000
  • Win bonus from Yamaha per race: $100,000
  • Win bonus from sponsors per race: $100,000

If Eli Tomac’s income was in the range of $6 million in 2022 alone, it’s likely that his net worth is actually much higher than what most sites estimate. This 2022 income breakdown didn’t even take into account podium bonuses from the other 10 races that he placed top 3 in!

With a total of 32 pro motocross 450 wins and 44 supercross wins, he likely accrued about $11,400,000 in race win bonuses throughout his 450 career.

In one race Eli Tomac can make $212,000, if he wins, from bonuses.

Monster Energy Cup

The most Eli has ever made in 1 race was the Monster Energy Cup in 2018, where he swept all moto wins and won $1,000,000. Eli Tomac has been crowned 450 Supercross Champion two times and 450 Pro Motocross champion four times.

Many people also forget about his 250 Pro Motocross Championship in 2013.

In 2010 Eli Tomac made his pro debut at the Hangtown Classic Pro Motocross race and won, a rare feat that very few racers have achieved.

Eli has hinted at retiring in 2023 after supercross, but has also mentioned how it will be difficult to step away after finding success again since he left Team Kawasaki for Team Yamaha in 2022.

Switch to Yamaha

Eli Tomac Joined the Star Racing Yamaha team in October 2021 and made his debut with the team at Anaheim 1 Supercross in 2022.

After a successful period with the Monster Energy Kawasaki team for 6 years, Eli decided to make the switch to Star Racing Factory Yamaha. Some speculated the reason for this switch being associated with financial benefits. However, there were other factors that led to his decision. 

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One of the major reasons Eli alluded to when discussing his move to Yamaha was simply needing a change of scenery. After 6 years on Kawasaki and getting towards the end of his career, he mentioned the desire to work with a new bike platform and personnel. 

A deciding factor for Eli’s move to Star Racing Yamaha was his relationship with KYB suspension tech Ricki Gilmour, paired with alleged restrictions on how he could set up his bike with Kawasaki.

Eli’s dad John goes into a bit more detail about the situation in this interview with Racer X’s Steve Matthes.

Eli Tomac’s Bike Cost

Eli Tomac’s bike, along with other top riders in the sport, like Ken Roczen, Jason Anderson, and Chase Sexton, is estimated to cost about $150,000.

How is a bike that is $10,899 from a dealer modified so much that it costs $150,000? When you consider the suspension costs $85,000 alone, the motor costs $30,000, ECU costs between $10,000 and $20,000, and other parts, it adds up quickly.

Eli Tomac's YZ450F dirt bike

Frequently Asked Questions About Eli Tomac

How many titles Eli Tomac won?

Eli Tomac has won 6 professional racing titles (2 supercross and 4 motocross).

What injuries did Eli Tomac?

Eli Tomac has had a lot of injuries in his career, like most motocross racers, including a broken collarbone, injured shoulders, fully torn rotator cuff, and more.

Did Eli Tomac win the championship?

Yes, Eli Tomac did win the championship in 2022. He won the supercross, motocross, and Motocross De Nations championships.

What kind of helmet does Eli Tomac wear?

Unlike a lot of his Star Racing Yamaha teammates, Eli Tomac wears a Bell Helmets helmet.

Did Eli Tomac win the 2022 Supercross Championship?

Yes, Eli Tomac did win the 2022 Supercross Championship.

What dirt bike does Eli Tomac ride?

Eli Tomac currently rides a 2023 YZ450F dirt bike for Star Racing Yamaha.

Who has the number 1 plate in Supercross?

Eli Tomac currently holds the number 1 plate in the 450 class going into the 2023 season, with Christian Craig holding it in the 250 West class and Jett Lawrence in the 250 East class.

What levers does Eli Tomac use?

Eli Tomac uses ARC levers.