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James Stewart

CRF150R top speed in white text on dark blue background with image of CRF150R dirt bike

CRF150R Top Speed: Is It Fast Enough?

Dirt bike riders always want to know how fast their bikes go. You, me, and pretty much anyone who owns a bike with an engine. In this article, we’ll be looking at the CRF150R top speed. If you want to learn more about the bike than just the top speed, check out our full CRF150R ...

James Stewart

CRF150R in white text on gray background with Honda CRF150R dirt bike image

CRF150R: Honda’s Sickest Mini

It drives me nuts when I have a question about my CRF150R and I can’t find a specific answer to my question quickly. We set out to solve that. No more scanning through pages and pages of words to find what you’re looking for. Our goal is to not only answer any question you’re looking ...