Mike Brown 2024 Pro National

James Stewart

50+ Year Old Mike Brown to Race AMA Pro Motocross National in 2024

Loretta Lynn MX National

Mike Brown, aged 51, achieved an impressive victory in the 40-plus opening moto at the 2023 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National, defeating Jeff Emig by a significant margin of thirty seconds.

Brown praised the new 350 KTM bike and expressed his determination to pursue victory throughout his career. He also emphasized the importance of this race to him every year. On the podium, he stated that he plans to participate in a National event after Loretta’s if he returns next year.

“I’m trying to get as many championships here, I’m not chasing it but I’m getting close, enjoy one more year of it and then try a National and if I qualify good, and if I don’t, I’ll probably be back here”

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