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Jeremy McGrath Net Worth and Profile

Jeremy McGrath

Every Motocross and AMA Supercross connoisseur knows Jeremy McGrath’s accomplishments and career by heart. Of course, there’s a reason why this founder of freestyle motocross riding is known as the King of Supercross. But, how much money did he make during his career? What is Jeremy McGrath net worth?

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His rich career counts titles, awards, and championships, starting from seven AMA Supercross Championships (250cc Champion) and fifteen 250cc AMA National Motocross wins to seventy-two 250cc AMA Supercross wins and many more.

Surely, the King of Supercross earned a lot of money over the period known as the “McGrath’s Era.” But how much?

Jeremy McGrath Net Worth and Profile

Although Jeremy McGrath is one of the most popular Supercross/Motocross riders of all time, he certainly is not the richest. He earned a lot of money during his racing days and made a fortune of around $6 million.

Still, Jeremy McGrath net worth is way lower than the whooping $25 million his opponent Ricky Carmichael made.

However, while CNT (Celebrity Net Worth) estimates Jeremy McGrath net worth at $6 million, some other public sources note that as of 2021, the rider’s fortune has dropped down. This may not look surprising as the former star of Supercross is retired, and he has not been racing for over a decade.

Never-ending passion for racing

After fame, success, and winning, most riders and athletes overall decide to retire and enjoy the fruits of their popularity. However, that’s not the case with Jeremy McGrath.

Many people are wondering what the Supercross King is doing these days. If you’re a dirt bike and off-road aficionado, you’ll be happy to hear that McGrath has never really gone too far away from his passion.

For those who don’t know, his partnership and ambassadorship with Monster Energy and Kawasaki gave him the opportunity to proceed with his work and, thus, stay involved in the sport. On many occasions, the rider, known in the Supercross cycle as “Showtime,” has confessed that he still feels truly passionate about racing and considers it the best sport ever.

Besides staying in the loop as a brand ambassador, Jeremy McGrath also devotes himself to the new generations. He spends time with new talents and shares his experience acting as a mentor to many racers.

Additionally, Jeremy is a founder and co-owner of ARMA, where he invests his experience, years of training, skills, and passion. The brand produces top-notch products for endurance and nutrition, such as proteins, natural boosters, hydration supplements, etc.

That said, we seriously doubt that Jeremy McGrath’s net worth dropped to $1 million, as some public sources suggest.

Private life – Do Jeremy’s daughters have the same passion?

Even though his colleagues, friends, and fans often called him Jeremy Showtime, this nickname applied to his show-off tricks while driving. Unlike many other celebrities, Jeremy McGrath holds his private life to himself, and little is known to the public.

Who is Jeremy McGrath married to? Well, the lucky lady Kim McGrath is a champion on her own. While she is not a celebrity or a professional athlete, she was diagnosed with two types of cancer and has undergone numerous surgeries.

On the bright side, Jeremy has two beautiful daughters. In one interview for Monster Energy, he said that he always dreamed of having a son so that he could share his love for off-road. However, he couldn’t be happier and more blessed with his two daughters. Incidentally, both girls share their father’s racing passion, and the King is often seen in races in their company.

How old was Jeremy McGrath when he retired?

Jeremy McGrath retired twice, once at the age of 32 and a second time at the age of 35. In 2001, his astonishing season of wins was interrupted. He won two of three main events, but he lost the next event to none other than Ricky Carmichael.

At the moment, it seemed like history repeated itself, as Carmichael stole the spotlight from McGrath the same way McGrath did it from Jeff Stanton a decade ago. After winning the event, Carmichael won every race and took the crown of the Supercross King. (we often wonder if James Stewart would’ve taken this crown if he hadn’t been suspended and/or crashed so much.)

Jeremy signed with Team KTM in 2003 and prepared for a new season. However, he changed his mind after a pre-season crash and decided to retire.

His retirement was more like a short break because he decided to come back in 2005 when he rejoined his former squad at Team Honda. The season was good, and the audience and fans saw McGrath in good shape.

Then, in 2006, he announced an off-seasoned race called McGrath Invitational. The King of Supercross also said that the event will be his final professional Supercross race.

Popularity and accomplishments

Gaining the title King of Supercross is not quite easy, especially in the 90s when Supercross/Motocross had a completely different style. Besides many awards and countless races won, the reason Jeremy is so popular even these days lies in his innovative and unique style.

Two-wheel BMX passion

The unique style of Jeremy McGrath is directly influenced by his passion for BMX, which started when he was a little boy. His BMX hobby became training, and Jeremy raced BMX for a full four years.

In one interview, he revealed that his racing schedule was quite packed. He said that he went to eight or ten races a week.


The magic began in 1993 when Jeremy started to work alongside his hero Jeff Stanton. Of course, at that point, even though Jeremy was still considered a rookie, had already won two West Coast 125cc championships for his team, Honda.

However, in the AMA Supercross championship in 1993, Jeremy made history with his domination. He won ten races and won the AMA 250cc championship. His success with Honda continued for three more years.

In the meantime, the famous rookie earned a new nickname. The riders and spectators started to call him Jeremy Showtime because McGrath implemented many tricks inspired by his BMX races.

One of those tricks is the famous “Nac Nac” that was introduced in motocross in 1994 by the rising star.


  • World SX Championships – 2
  • 250cc AMA National Motocross Championships – 1 in 1995
  • 250cc AMA Supercross Championships – 7 in 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, and 2000
  • 125cc AMA Western Region SX Championships – 2 in 1991 and 1992
  • Member of Winning US Motocross Nations Team – 2 in 1993 and 1996

In 2003, the American Motorcyclist Association decided to introduce Jeremy McGrath to the Motorcycle Hall of Fame as one of the individuals who contributed to the motorcycle sport.