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2024 USA Motocross Of Nations Team

Aaron Plessinger, Chase Sexton, MXoN, Rj Hampshire, Team USA

Will USA back up their incredible performance from last year’s Motocross of Nations at Redbud? 2024 Motocross of Nations at Ernee France brings new challenges.

Two of the three defending Motocross of Nations champs are confirmed out for this year. Eli Tomac and Justin Cooper won’t be in attendance. Justin Cooper is getting married the weekend of the event and Eli Tomac is injured. His return is highly anticipated.

Motocross of Nations
2023 USA Motocross of Nations Team

2024 Motocross of Nations Scenario:

Who could take down the French on their home turf? Here is what we expect:

MX OPEN: Aaron Plessinger confirmed Monday night on Pulp Mx that he will be on the team. Consider this a lock.

MX1: There’s a chance we see Chase Sexton come back to defend the crown for USA. Whether it’s on a Honda or KTM is the big unknown. The 2023 Supercross Champ is anticipating a new chapter with KTM, we could see him on orange at Ernee. There’s also a chance of him opting out entirely.

There are also rumors of Cooper Webb Racing Motocross of Nations on a Star Yamaha 450. Unlikely scenario given his time off.

MX2: With Justin Cooper out Haiden “Danger Boy” Deegan is first in line for the MX2 spot. His father, Brian Deegan, denied that Haiden will be competing at this years Motocross of Nations, however. This leaves the door open for RJ Hampshire. Hampshire has expressed that it is a career goal of his to compete for his country.

*Wildcard*: Rumors of Justin Barcia racing a 250 are out there. It’s likely the vet will want to rebuild this fall after injury.

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