The Future of Two-Wheel Fun?

Sur Ron X

The Sur Ron X, also known as the Sur Ron Light Bee, provides nearly silent fun for hours, and up to 60 miles per charge.

Sur Ron X

Sur Ron X Specs

Motor Type:PMSM
Mounting Position:Mid
Weight / Motor External Diameter:7.0kg / 180mm
Motor Axial Length:130mm
Peak Efficiency:95.60%
Cooling Method:Air-Cooled
Controller Type:X Version Sine Wave
Dimensions:240mm x 110mm x 50mm
Peak Efficiency:98.50%
Power Modes:Eco and Sport
Rated Voltage:60V (DC)
Rated Power / Peak Power:3000W / 6000W
Rated Torque / Peak Torque:10.2Nm / 39.00Nm
Motor Shaft Output Torque @ 1000RPM:35.40Nm
Rated Rotation Speed:4300rpm
Peak Efficiency:97.8%
Range of Efficiency (≥80):1.4Nm – 21.5Nm
Gear Ratio:1:7.6
Transmission:Primary Belt & 420 Drive Chain
Belt Brand & Model:German Continental Brand, 8M CXA
Horn:European Standard Horn
Battery:60V 32A Lithium Battery with 176 Panasonic Cells
Battery Life Time:500 Cycles (and then the capacity reduces step by step)
Battery Charge Level:Integrated Battery LCD Display
Charging Time:2.5-3.5 Hours
USB Connection:USB-2.1 A Single Socket
Speedometer:LCD Digital Speedometer
LED Headlight & Rear Light:Yes
Chassis – Swing Arm Material:No. 6061 T4 & T6 Aluminium Alloy
Chassis Construction Method:Forged by 6000 Tons of Pressure
Chassis Surface & Colour Processing:Anodic Oxidation
Front Suspension:Inverted Suspension Fork with 8″ Travel 
Rear Shock Absorber:DNM TR Suspension Link System
Wheel Type & Size:Spoke Wheels, Front/Rear 19 x 1.4 Alloy Hubs
Tire Size:Front/Rear 70/100-19 CST
Sur Ron X Top Speed:About 45 mph (75km/h)
Net Weight:103.6lbs plus battery
Max Load:220.4lbs (100kg, 15.75 Stone)
Max Climb:45°
Rear Sprocket:48T
Side Stand:Yes with kill switch
Vehicle Dimensions:1870mm x 780mm x 1040mm
Sur Ron X Ground Clearance:270mm
Sur Ron X Seat Height:33 to 34.6 inches (84 to 88cm)

The Sur Ron X (also known as the Sur Ron Light Bee) is a powerful, lightweight machine that seamlessly combines the agility of a mountain bike with the speed of a dirt bike, making it the perfect choice for off-road enthusiasts and urban commuters alike.

In this page, I explore the cutting-edge features and performance capabilities that have propelled the Sur Ron X to the forefront of the electric bike revolution. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newcomer to the e-bike scene, prepare to be amazed by what this dynamic two-wheeler has to offer.

Bike Description & History

The Sur Ron X Electric Light Bee comes from the Chinese company Surron. It is an all-terrain powerhouse, providing endless excitement for riders.

DIAN Motors Inc. is the exclusive authorized Canadian distributor of Surron bikes. Known as DIAN Inc. in the United States, it is also the primary US distributor.

With a robust 60V removable Panasonic lithium-ion battery, it delivers over 6kW of peak power. Its lightweight forged alloy frame is paired with high-quality components, including 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear. An LCD dashboard with a USB charging port adds convenience to your ride.

Agile yet robust, the Sur Ron X boasts a remarkable climbing capacity of over 45°. Riders can enjoy near-silent fun for 20 to 60 miles on a single charge, depending on whether they choose Eco or Sport Mode. Recharging is a breeze, taking only about 3 hours with the included 10A charger, making the Sur Ron X a truly versatile electric bike.

I was stoked when I learned about the Sur Ron X bike because I was always jealous of seeing my son shred his Stacyc in our backyard or anywhere we go, with no noise and no issues. This Surron is basically the adult version of a Stacyc.

The “near-silent” part mentioned previously is hugely important.

If you’ve been in the dirt bike world for some time, you’ve likely noticed that many tracks and riding spots have been shut down over the years.

Do you know one of the main reasons for that?


Know what solves that?

The Sur Ron X.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the sound of a ringing 2-stroke just as much as the next moto enthusiast. But, if I have to choose between no sound or no riding, I’m choosing no sound every time.

The Sur Ron X isn’t quite a full-size dirt bike (that’s what the upcoming Sur Ron Storm Bee is for), but guys ride it with full motocross gear and boots on.

Of course, you don’t have to, plenty of people ride it with a t-shirt and sneakers on, but the point is, you can fully gear up and ride it if you’d like.

Sur Ron X Top Speed

Whether it’s an electric dirt bike or gas-powered, there are a lot of variables that play into a motorcycle’s top speed.

On small displacement bikes, similar to the Sur Ron X (I know it doesn’t have displacement since it’s electric, but it is impacted similarly), those variables are magnified considerably due to the relatively low power output of the engine referenced in the spec sheet above. 

Elevation, rider weight, temperature, wind, and incline can all impact your Sur Ron X’s top speed for better or worse.

Assuming you’re working with a bone stock Sur Ron X on a flat road in clear conditions, however, the Sur Ron X top speed is around 46 mph (75km/h).

The good news is that you can pick up a few extra mph with a few simple mods, so let’s dive into those next.

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Best Sur Ron X Mods

While the Sur Ron X is already an impressive electric dirt bike, there are a number of performance modifications that can make it even better. Here are some of the best performance mods to consider:

  1. Upgraded Controller: Replacing the stock controller with a high-performance aftermarket option, such as the BAC4000 or BAC8000 from ASI, can significantly improve the bike’s acceleration, top speed, and overall performance.
  2. Upgraded Battery: Swapping the original battery for a higher-capacity or higher-voltage battery can increase the bike’s range, power, and top speed. Be sure to choose a compatible battery that fits your Sur Ron X and is within the limits of your upgraded controller.
  3. High-Performance Sprockets: Changing the front and/or rear sprockets can optimize the bike’s gear ratio for better acceleration or higher top speed, depending on your preference. A larger front sprocket or smaller rear sprocket will increase top speed, while a smaller front sprocket or larger rear sprocket will improve acceleration.
  4. Suspension Upgrades: Investing in higher-quality suspension components, such as aftermarket forks and shock absorbers, can enhance the bike’s handling, comfort, and stability on various terrains. Popular options include the DNM Volcano USD-8S forks and DNM RCP-2S rear shock.
  5. High-Quality Tires: Upgrading to premium tires can significantly improve the bike’s traction and handling, especially on off-road surfaces. Look for tires with a suitable tread pattern and compound that best match your riding conditions and style.
  6. Upgraded Brake System: Installing high-performance brake pads, larger rotors, or even upgrading to a more advanced brake system can improve the bike’s stopping power and overall safety.
  7. Custom Firmware: Advanced users may choose to explore custom firmware options for their upgraded controllers, allowing for even more precise tuning and customization of the bike’s performance characteristics.

Most moto guys don’t really care about this, but remember that modifying your Sur Ron X may void its warranty and could impact its reliability.

Be sure to research each modification carefully, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, and consult with a professional if you are unsure about any aspect of the installation process.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Sur Ron X

How fast does the Surron X go?

The Surron X goes about 45 mph (75 km/h).

Is a Sur-Ron road legal?

The Sur Ron X is not road legal, but the Sur-Ron LB is road legal.

What is the fastest Surron?

The fastest Surron is the Surron Ultra Bee Power.

Is it worth getting a Sur-Ron?

Whether or not it’s worth getting a Sur-Ron is really dependent on your situation. If you live on 10 acres and your closest neighbor isn’t anywhere nearby, you can likely get away with a traditional dirt bike. However, if you live in an area where you can’t just fire up a gas-powered dirt bike and ride, or you’re just looking for less maintenance, it can certainly be worth getting a Sur-Ron.

Does Surrons come restricted?

Some Surrons can come restricted in the “factory street” or “slow mode.”

How much money does a Sur-Ron cost?

A Sur-Ron costs about $4,400 USD.

How old do you have to be to use a Sur-Ron?

It is recommended that you have to be 10 years old to use a Sur-Ron, but it’s entirely dependent on the person’s size and ability. Some 10-year-olds won’t be ready yet, while others are ready even earlier.

Can a Sur-Ron get wet?

A Sur-Ron can get wet, as it is weatherproof, but it can’t get soaked or cleaned with a pressure washer like you would a traditional dirt bike.

How many miles will a Sur-Ron last?

If you’re asking how many miles will a Sur-Ron last on a single charge, it’s about 20-60 miles, but if you’re asking how many miles will a Sur-Ron last in total, like a car, there is no data yet to determine this. The bikes are still too new to know this for certain.

Do Sur Rons have gears?

No, Sur Rons don’t have gears.

How much weight can a Sur-Ron hold?

A Sur-Ron can hold up to 286 lbs.

Do Surrons have trackers?

Yes, Surrons have trackers. They come with built-in high-precision GPS tracks. You can simply sign up on the Surron app and connect your bike to your phone.

Do you need a helmet for a Sur-Ron?

Whether you need a helmet for a Sur-Ron or not is a personal preference, but in my opinion, yes, you absolutely should wear a helmet for a Sur-Ron. I don’t ride anything without a helmet.

What CC is a Sur-Ron equivalent to?

With the Sur-Ron X top speed being around 45 mph, it is similar in speed to a 110cc pit bike.

Who owns Sur-Ron electric bike?

Sur-Ron electric bike is owned by the Chinese company Surron, but DIAN Motors Inc. is the exclusive authorized Canadian distributor, and known as DIAN Inc. in the United States, it is also the primary US distributor.

Is Sur Ron made in China?

Yes, Sur Ron is made in China.

How often do you service a Sur-Ron?

It is recommended by Surron that the bikes are serviced every 621 miles.

How fast is the Sur Ron Black Edition?

The Sur Ron Black Edition is the same speed as the normal edition, which is about 45mph.

How do I increase the range on my Sur Ron?

You can increase the range on your Sur Ron by installing an aftermarket battery and/or speed controller.

How long does a Sur Ron battery take to charge?

It takes about 2.5-3 hours for a Sur Ron battery to charge.