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James Stewart

YZ450F Supermoto Kit


One of the most popular dirt bike conversions is to a supermoto conversion, a street legal transformation combining three motorcycling disciplines: flat-track racing, road racing, and motocross.

What is now becoming a fast-growing riding style, supermoto is versatile, and above all else, very fun. 

Plus, if you’ve ever ridden on a motocross track, or even in the woods, you know the supermoto guys are bada$$ (one of our favorite dirt bike movies includes an awesome supermoto racing scene).

My Yamaha YZ450F barely has traction on the motocross track, and in the woods, with a full knobby rear tire. Now imagine doing that with supermoto wheels and tires…

One of the best dirt bikes eligible for transformation is the Yamaha YZ450F. Thankfully, there is a full YZ450F supermoto kit available for purchase.

yamaha yz450f supermoto bike

The kit we’ll be talking about in this post is from FasterUSA, which is the most population option, but there are other options for wheels, mirrors, and other necessary parts as well.

Let’s dive into what the YZ450 supermoto kit contains. 

YZ450F Supermoto Kit 

The YZ450F Supermoto Kit was created to offer the bike a legal (and still appealing) appearance.

The package includes Excel/FasterUSA wheelset, the most important accessory for turning the bike into a supermoto. It is laced and trued with all the bearings, and the spacers are nicely fitted. 

The hubs are made in the US and have a warranty of one full year. The wheels are with Excel rims and have dimensions of 17×3.50 inches front and 17×4.25 inches rear.

Also, there are multiple colors to choose from. Bridgestone S20 front and rear tires, radial tubes, and rim bands exist. The rotor hardware and sprocket are Bolt, and there is a rear braking wave rotor. 

In addition, all the rotors, tires, and sprockets can be mounted for free, and the wheels are balanced before shipping.

There are also front and rear Phantom LED turn signals included, with the addition of a universal wire harness, horn switch, Acerbis mirror, pressure sensor banjo bolts, and LED rear brake light.

The headlight and all of the LED equipment use a battery, so there is no need to cut any of your wires. 

Parts from yamaha yz450f supermoto kit from FasterUSA

Yamaha YZ450F 

This complete kit from FasterUSA provides bike riders with a lot of convenience.

Usually, people who like to turn their dirt bike into a supermoto machine have to purchase each item separately, but with the Yamaha YZ450F supermoto kit from FasterUSA, it’s made much simpler.

The bike is eligible for becoming a street-legal supermoto because it has a reliable 450cc engine that has enough power to reach highway speeds, necessary road-legal gear, liquid cooling, electric start, and good lighting.

The YZ250F supermoto kit isn’t as popular as the Yamaha YZ450F supermoto kit because the YZ250F doesn’t have enough power to maintain highway speeds consistently (the same goes for the YZ 125).

On top of that, it features electronic fuel injection and has five sensors for monitoring the running conditions. 

Why Convert to Supermoto? 

People decide to turn their dirt bike into a supermoto simply because they like to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The YZ450F supermoto kit is one of the best packages on the market that can help you ride on dirt and paved surfaces while looking sick (better than most dual sport bikes, although they do serve a purpose, too) and having a blast.

Before you embark on your next adventure, ensure that a professional mechanic approves your configuration and that everything is set correctly.

After installing the YZ450F supermoto kit, be sure to go through all of the legal requirements to make your bike street legal, if you plan to ride it on city and state roads.

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