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James Stewart

Stacyc battery adapter

Stacyc Battery Adapter: #1 Mod For Your Kid’s Bike

One of the most popular modifications to the STACYC bikes is to get a battery adapter (sometimes known as the STACYC battery hack). This allows you to use alternative batteries, like power tool batteries, instead of the stock ones that come with the bikes. Depending on which adapter you use, you can run Milwaukee or ...

James Stewart

We upgraded our Stacyc

We Upgraded Our Stacyc – Was It Worth It?

My son is the factory Stacyc bike rider for Dirt Bike Vault. When we need to do research or test the bikes, he heads out to the practice track (our backyard) and gets to testing. He has been riding his 12-inch since he was 2 years old. He shreds on the bike very well and ...