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Sur Ron Storm Bee

The Sur Ron Storm Bee is Surron’s first full-size electric dirt bike.

Sur Ron Storm Bee

Sur Ron Storm Bee Specs

Here are the specifications for the Sur Ron Storm Bee:

MotorLiquid-cooled, brushless electric motor
Peak Power22.5 kW
Peak Torque520 Nm
Battery104V/55Ah battery pack
Top Speed68 mph (110 km/h)
Max. Range75 miles on a full charge (@ 31 mph)
Recharge Time3-4 hours via a conventional 120V wall outlet
Riding Modes3 riding modes, with traction control and regenerative braking
Special FeaturesTurbo mode, reverse gear, adjustable off-road suspension, 21/18” wheels (front/rear)
EmissionsQuiet & emissions-free
ExtrasSwitchable headlight & number plate included (North American version only)
SuspensionAdjustable, capable of tackling difficult terrain via 11.4 inches of travel front and back
Gear SystemNo shifting gears due to the absence of a clutch, simplifying the riding experience

I’ve recently discovered the 2023 Sur Ron Storm Bee, an electric off-road motorcycle that’s gaining attention in North America.

This bike not only showcases impressive features, but it also promises an exhilarating off-road experience without the emissions and noise of traditional motorcycles. I can’t help but get excited about the potential this bike has to revolutionize the world of off-road riding.

One of the things that caught my attention about the Storm Bee is its unique features like turbo and reverse.

The turbo button provides a short, extra boost of power when needed, while the reverse button can really come in handy when I find myself in tricky situations on the trail. These elements, combined with the bike’s silent operation and a 75-mile range, make the Sur Ron Storm Bee a truly appealing option for the eco-conscious.

With a price tag of $8,499, the Sur Ron Storm Bee F might not be the most affordable electric motorcycle out there, but its innovative design and performance make it worth considering for those looking to make the switch from gas to electric. I can’t wait to see these bikes hitting the trails in the coming months and experiencing the thrill of off-road riding without all the noise and pollution.

Sur Ron Storm Bee Overview

Emissions-Free Electric Power

As an electric dirt bike enthusiast, I was eagerly waiting for Sur Ron to release their newest model, the Storm Bee. This electric off-road motorcycle is not only impressive on the specs sheet but also a true game-changer for emission-free off-roading.

The Storm Bee’s heart is its powerful 22.5 kW motor, which is around four times more powerful than the one in its smaller sibling, the Sur Ron X.

This motor gives the bike an incredible final output of 520 Nm and makes it 100% dirt bike. I can tell you from experience that it doesn’t feel like a play bike but more like a grown-up’s motorcycle with wheels, tires, footpegs, handlebar, controls, and performance that could easily match a traditional dirt bike.

With an 104V/55Ah battery pack, the Storm Bee can reach a top speed of 68 mph and offers a max range of 75 miles on a single charge. What’s more, I can easily recharge the battery in just 3-4 hours using the included charger and a standard wall outlet.

In terms of performance, the Storm Bee is fantastic and eliminates the need for frequent gear shifting and clutch control.

Overall, the Sur Ron Storm Bee is an electric off-road motorcycle that combines the performance of traditional dirt bikes with the benefits of emissions-free electric power.

Performance and Range

Efficient Powertrain

Let me tell you about the powertrain of the Sur Ron Storm Bee. It’s amazing because it has a liquid-cooled, brushless electric motor that provides 22.5 kW peak power and a crazy 520 Nm of peak torque!

With such high torque, you can experience a thrilling ride every time. Plus, it’s super efficient since it runs on 104V/55Ah lithium-ion battery, which means it’s not only powerful but also environment-friendly.

Riding Modes

You’ll be excited to know that the Sur Ron Storm Bee offers three different riding modes to choose from. This means you can customize your ride to match your preferences and the specific terrain you’re riding on.

The bike also features traction control and regenerative braking, which contribute to a smooth and controlled ride. Trust me, you’re going to love how easily you can adapt to different situations on this dirt bike.

Not only that, but there’s also a Turbo mode that lets you experience an extra boost of power when you need it the most.

And if you ever find yourself needing a bit of help in tight spaces, there’s a reverse gear as well! That’s definitely a life-saver in certain scenarios.

With all these amazing features, the Sur Ron Storm Bee evokes a sense of excitement and freedom that you just can’t find in any ordinary dirt bike.

Design and Features

Frame and Chassis

Let me tell you about the frame and chassis of the Sur Ron Storm Bee. This electric motorcycle benefits from Sur-Ron’s proprietary powertrain and motorcycle design concept, which gives it a high standard of performance. I observed that the bike has real dirt bike-scaled componentry and power. With wheels, tires, footpegs, handlebars, and controls to match, it’s definitely a real motorcycle.

As for the chassis, I noticed that it offers a great balance between stiffness and flexibility, providing both high-speed stability and off-road capability. The seat height is also just right for off-road biking.

Instrumentation and Controls

Now, let’s talk about the instrumentation and controls of the Sur Ron Storm Bee. One thing that caught my attention is the inclusion of unique features like turbo and reverse. Pressing the turbo button offers a short, extra boost of power at full throttle, which can be pretty handy when you need to speed up quickly. Additionally, the functional reverse button is a welcome feature for riders like me who find themselves in tricky situations on the trail.

In terms of the battery pack and controller, I learned that the designers increased the voltage capacity, so if battery advancements allow for a higher voltage battery within a few years, it will still fit within the same dimensions. This, combined with a powerful MCU, helps achieve impressive performance and control.

Technical Specifications

For me, one of the most notable features is the variety of riding modes. It offers rain mode, eco mode, and sports mode, each catering to different riding needs. The bike’s front and rear suspensions are both top-notch, providing a comfortable and stable riding experience even off-road. I also noticed the impressive steering angle, which helps make tight turns and maneuvering a breeze.

The bike is larger than its smaller sibling, the Sur Ron Light Bee, which means it has proper dirt-bike scale componentry, such as 21/18″ or 19″ wheels.

Other essential specs include a curb weight that’s just right for a dirt bike, a max load capacity that can accommodate heavier riders, and minimum ground clearance suitable for tackling challenging terrains.

The Storm Bee’s vehicle dimensions are well-proportioned, with a seat height designed for adult riders. Its instrumentation is quite fancy, featuring an LCD digital dash displaying all crucial information about the bike’s performance. A nice little bonus is the USB connection, which allows for charging electronic devices on the go.

Rider Experience and Aids

When I first hopped onto the Sur Ron Storm Bee, I quickly realized it was a 100-percent dirt bike and not a play bike like its smaller sibling. The Storm Bee has the heft and features of a real motorcycle, with dirt bike-scaled components and power to match.

As I started my ride, I experimented with the three riding modes available, which offer varying levels of power and control. I found that each mode affects how the bike handles and responds, making it easier for riders of different skill levels to find the right setting for them.

  • Mode 1: A more beginner-friendly option, providing a slightly slower and more controlled ride.
  • Mode 2: A great middle ground, offering a balance between power and control.
  • Mode 3: Geared towards experienced riders, delivering full power and a more aggressive ride.

One feature I particularly appreciated was the turbo mode, which delivers an extra boost of power when needed. It comes in handy during challenging off-road situations or when I’m in the mood for a more adrenaline-pumping experience.

What also caught my attention was the bike’s reverse feature. While it may not seem like a necessity for some, it makes maneuvering the bike in tight spaces or odd terrains much easier.

In terms of suspension, the Sur Ron Storm Bee has modern suspension components that handle diverse off-road situations effectively. As I rode over bumps and jumps, I noticed how the bike absorbed shocks well, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Overall, while riding the Sur Ron Storm Bee, I felt that it delivered a thrilling off-road experience with well-designed controls, power, and features to accommodate riders of varying skill levels. Not to mention, the electric aspect of the bike adds a quiet, eco-friendly aspect to the typical dirt biking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Sur Ron Storm Bee

How much will the Sur Ron storm bee cost?

The Sur Ron Storm Bee will cost $8,499 USD ($11,999 CAD).

Is the Sur Ron Storm Bee available in the US?

Yes, the Suron Storm Bee will be available in the US.

How much horsepower does the Sur Ron Storm Bee have?

The Sur Ron Storm Bee has 30 hp.

What is the top speed of the 2023 Sur-Ron?

The top speed of the 2023 Sur-Ron is 68mph.