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James Stewart

XPro Dirt Bike: Buying Guide


For people just getting into the world of dirt bikes, it’s very common to come across an xpro dirt bike online. They’re not typically seen at the racetrack or even ridden by frequent woods riders, but for those looking for a budget dirt bike when just getting started, an XPro dirt bike almost always shows up in your search at some point.

In this post, I’m going to review the company behind the XPro dirt bikes, the XPro 50cc dirt bike, the XPro 125cc dirt bike, and we’ll provide an overall XPro dirt bike review. Let’s dive in.

Who makes XPro dirt bikes?

Based on the name, the company behind XPro dirt bikes is no surprise, it’s X-PRO. X-PRO is a Chinese company, with its US operations being called X-PRO USA. This is very similar to the Chinese dirt bike company Kayo that we covered in one of our previous articles, as well as the SSR 125. We’re going to focus on XPro USA in this article.

XPro USA actually has a lot of different vehicles in its catalog; they do not have just XPro dirt bikes. The XPro catalog includes 22 ATVs, 54 XPro dirt bikes, 6 enduro motorcycles, 5 go-karts, 18 mopeds, 22 motorcycles, and 16 on-road bikes.

What’s the difference between mopeds, motorcycles, and on-road bikes? The mopeds and XPro motorcycles are traditional in what you would expect for mopeds and motorcycles. The on-road bikes include a vehicle that looks similar to the popular Honda Grom.

With so many different models we could cover, we’re going to focus on the XPro 50cc dirt bike and the XPro 125cc dirt bike in this article, and may cover the remaining XPro motorcycles in a future article.

XPro 50cc dirt bike

This XPro 50cc dirt bike is the second smallest XPro dirt bike offered. You can find it on Amazon.

xpro 50cc dirt bike in red white and black

It comes with a 50cc 2-stroke, air-cooled engine, and a fully automatic, chain-driven transmission. Surprisingly, it has disc brakes stock from XPro.

It has 10-inch wheels front and rear, a 22.4-inch seat height, a 33.6-inch wheelbase, and 3.9 inches of ground clearance. It holds just over a half-gallon of fuel (0.53 gallons) and weighs only 59.5 lbs.

One of the reasons these bikes are so popular is because the MSRP on this XPro 50cc dirt bike is just $379 on Amazon and $389.95 on the XPRO-USA website. This does not include any shipping costs. It currently comes in three different colors: red, black, and pink.

XPro 125cc dirt bike

This XPro 125cc dirt bike is one of the many mid-sized pit bikes in the XPro dirt bike catalog. You can find it on Amazon.

They have multiple 125cc dirt bikes, including an X9 model, X26, Hawk, Marvel, Voyage, and X6.

We’re specifically looking at the X9 model in this article, but all of the XPro 125cc dirt bike are quite similar and much of what is written here is applicable to those models as well.

xpro 125cc dirt bike black and blue

It comes with a 125cc 4-stroke, air-cooled engine and a 4-up manual clutch. This XPro dirt bike does not come with electric start, therefore it is started with a kick start. It has a Jingke Carburetor and comes with a 14-tooth front sprocket and 41-tooth rear sprocket. This XPro 125cc dirt bike also comes with disc brakes stock from XPro.

Many pit bikes, especially Chinese pit bikes, have issues with getting the carburetor to run properly. You can learn to diagnose a lean bog vs rich bog issue here.

The front and rear tires are similar in size to that of some other popular Chinese pit bikes, which are 7/100-17 and 90/100-14.

It has a 32.7-inch seat height, a 42.3-inch wheelbase, and 13.6 inches of ground clearance. It holds just under a gallon of fuel (0.92 gallons) and weighs only 160.9 lbs.

Like the XPro 50cc dirt bike, one of the reasons these bikes are so popular online is because the sale price on this XPro 125cc dirt bike is just $899 on Amazon and $1,029.95 on the XPRO-USA website. This does not include any shipping costs.

XPro Dirt Bike Review

This might just be the part you’ve been waiting for the most in this article. The XPro dirt bike review.

Are XPro dirt bikes any good?

Is XPro a good dirt bike brand?

Let’s dive into those questions, and more.

If you want the TLDR version (too long didn’t read), the short answer to both those questions is no. At least, generally speaking.

There are many other brands of dirt bikes that come from China that just do not have the quality that is necessary for dirt bikes, just like an XPro dirt bike. There is a reason that Japanese and Austrian-made dirt bikes rule the United States (and European) dirt bike markets. They are just made better.

To put it simply, this is a great example of you get what you pay for.

The Japanese and Austrian bikes (Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM, GasGas) do cost a bit more. The XPro 125cc discussed above is around $1,000. The equivalent Japanese pit bike is like 2.5x that cost ($2,000-$2,500). But again, you get what you pay for in terms of quality, and performance.

It’s not the features of the XPro dirt bikes. In fact, simply looking at what comes stock on the XPro pit bikes, they often have “more features” or components straight from the factory than the comparable Japanese bikes.

For example, on the Kayo 125cc dirt bike, it comes with disc brakes and inverted forks, plus a few other minor things, at a cheaper price than you can get a Japanese 110cc pit bike for without those things. The very popular KLX 110, CRF 110, and TTR 110 all come with normal forks and drum brakes. All else equal, most people would prefer disc brakes on their dirt bikes over drum brakes.

And, the XPro dirt bike doesn’t look half bad. Visually, it’s a little cheesy, but for someone just entering the sport, it’s actually pretty appealing. When you combine the price with the parts it appears to come with stock and its appearance, the XPro dirt bikes seem like a good option.

That’s exactly why it draws in people who are new to the sport or are looking to get an affordable bike for their kids.

In reality, it’s not a good option in most cases. You or your kids will ride it for a bit and break the forks or triple tree in half (trust me, it’s happened to me), or get stranded in the woods. It looks good and comes stock with more appealing parts than some other bikes, but the quality of those parts is much, much lower.

Then, when something breaks, it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to get parts or help on these bikes. With a Japanese bike, parts are readily available and your local bike shop can likely help you out. With an XPro dirt bike, you’re on your own, and likely out of luck.

In summary, for someone who wants to ride in the woods or hit a local track, any XPro dirt bike is not worth considering.

If you’re looking to buy a cheap dirt bike to see if your young child will like it, or just for them to rip around the yard in the grass, you might be able to get by with one of the XPro dirt bikes. That said, read the reviews on Amazon — there are many people whose XPro dirt bike doesn’t even work when it’s brand new. So, you may not even get by just riding in the grass.

If you can, spend a bit more money and get a Japanese-made bike (such as a Yamaha TTR 230 that we reviewed) of a similar size. To help with the cost, you can even buy one used. Most used Japanese pit bikes would still be better than an XPro dirt bike.

If you are looking for a bike for a child between 3 years old and 12 years old, another great option is a STACYC bike.