Triumph motocross bike

James Stewart

Triumph Motocross Bike Revealed


The long-anticipated moment has finally arrived! Tune in as Ricky Carmichael, Bobby Hewitt, Dave Arnold, Ivan Tedesco, and Stephen “Scuba” Westfall delve into Triumph’s newly launched motocross chassis. They’ll be sharing insights on why the patience exerted for its arrival has truly paid off.

Triump dirt bike

The YouTube video below discusses the development of Triumph’s motocross chassis. Ricky explains the challenges and decisions behind manufacturing the new bike. They opted for an aluminum spine frame to ensure stability, traction, and a light, nimble feel. Triumph aimed to create a unique identity for their bike, and the design process involved finding the right balance for front-end traction and comfort. The project took time, but the end result was a well-engineered, aesthetically pleasing dirt bike.

Video Key Points:

  • Triumph’s Motocross Chassis development journey
  • Aluminum spine frame for stability and agility
  • Striving for a unique identity and high standards
  • Balancing front-end traction and overall comfort
  • Engineering for mass appeal and tunable performance
  • Taking time for a well-designed and authentic product

9 thoughts on “Triumph Motocross Bike Revealed”

  1. If they price it UNDER Suzuki, they might sell some.
    But more likely, they will be in KTM territory price-wise.
    Great logo.

  2. With all the tracks closing because insurance is too expensive or even impossible to get I don’t think they will sell many. Look at all the MX related companies going under. It’s staggering.

  3. I rode ATK, I rode cannondale, I rode a Husqaberg, I rode a CZ in the 90’s even…. All went the way of the dinosaurs. Hope that doesn’t happen here. Maybe a 2 stroker?


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