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CRF110 Top Speed: The Fastest Pit Bike?

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If you’re in the pit bike racing scene, you’ve definitely heard of the debate about which brand 110 is the fastest. Is the CRF110 top speed the fastest, or is it Yamaha’s TTR 110, or is it maybe the tried-and-true KLX110?

In this post, we’ll cover what the CRF110 top speed is and what impacts it. Let’s dive in.

CRF110 Top Speed

Honda is known as one of the main dirt bike brands in most people’s eyes, but did you know Honda was actually one of the first companies to popularize dirt bikes in the 1900s?

Today, you don’t usually think of Honda as having the fastest machines. Honda is more commonly known for its reliability.

That said, Honda’s most popular pit bike, the CRF 110 has been making waves lately in the pit bike scene because it is the first fuel-injected, EFI pit bike.

Whether it makes a big difference in performance is up for debate, but pit bike riders certainly have flocked to the CRF110 due to its “coolness” factor.

What does this mean for the CRF110 top speed?

The Honda CRF110F top speed is about 45 mph.

There’s a common debate on whether or not 110 pit bikes are fastest than mini motocross bikes — if you’re curious, check out the KX65 top speed.

Or, if you’re a buy guy (or gal) that loves pit bike riding but needs something a bit bigger than a 110, check out the CRF125F top speed. This is another popular trail bike from Honda that is often used as a pit bike.

There’s also a debate about which 110 pit bike is the fastest. The TTR 110 top speed takes that crown…

That said, there are a few things that have a big impact on this CRF 110 top speed number.

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What impacts the CRF110 top speed?

If you ride dirt bikes, you’re almost guaranteed to have to know how fast it goes. Even pit bikes.

That said, it can be pretty difficult to know the true top speed of a dirt bike. The reason for that is that there are so many variables that go into determining the top speed.

Let’s look at some of the items that impact the Honda CRF110F top speed.


Modifications and after-market parts are the items that impact the CRF 110 to speed the most. If your CRF110 has a ton of engine work done to it by CJR Performance, maybe a big bore kit, it’s tuned, and has a pipe, that’s not comparable to a stock CRF150R.

The top speed of a stock CRF110 will be significantly less than the top speed of a CRF110 with a bunch of work done to it. When you bought those parts, you wanted to make the bike faster, right? Well, it works.

Thousands of dollars spent, I’d hope the modified bike goes faster…

The more work that’s done to the bike, the more the top speeds are going to differ.

You might be thinking, “okay, that makes sense, but what is the top speed of a CRF150R before I make any mods to it?”

If that’s what you’re wondering, it’s a bit easier to answer, which we answered above, but there are still more variables to consider, such as gearing, riding conditions, the rider, and more.


The item that has the second largest impact on the Honda CRF110F top speed is the bike’s gearing.

For those unfamiliar, gearing refers to the size of the front and rear sprockets, specifically the relationship between the two.

Riders choose different gearing based on the conditions they’re riding in. If the rider is racing supercross, they generally want more acceleration (known as more bottom end). To do this, they’d use a smaller front sprocket or a larger rear sprocket. This is a low gear ratio.

If the rider is racing motocross, they may want more top speed (known as top end). To do this, the rider would use a larger front sprocket or a smaller rear sprocket, which is a higher gear ratio.

This may sound like a small thing, but it has a huge impact on the CRF110 top speed. Depending on the gearing changes, it can increase or decrease the CRF 110 top speed quite significantly.

All dirt bikes are impacted by gearing, but pit bikes are more impacted by smaller changes in gearing than big bikes due to the small amount of power the engine makes.

A bike that has a 14-tooth front sprocket instead of a 16-tooth sprocket is going to have a different top speed.

Also, changing the front sprocket has a larger impact, or greater change, on the bike’s speed and bottom end than changing the rear sprocket. Going up or down one tooth on the front sprocket is not equal to one tooth on the rear sprocket.

Changing the front sprocket by one tooth is equivalent to 3-4 teeth in the rear.

Below is a table that was put together to show the gear ratios of different combinations of front and rear sprocket sizes. The most common gear combinations for CRF110s are highlighted in yellow:

CRF110 gearing chart

Riding Conditions

Another factor that can impact the CRF 110 top speed is the riding conditions. This can be the location where you’re riding and the conditions of what you’re riding on.

For the location, are you riding at sea level or thousands of feet above elevation? Generally, dirt bikes produce more power closer to sea level than at high levels of elevation. Of course, this will impact the Honda CRF110F top speed. It impacts all dirt bikes. All things with an engine, really.

If you’re riding in Colorado, thousands of feet above sea level, your CRF 110 top speed is going to be lower than if you’re riding on the coasts of the US at sea level.

Lower power bikes, like the CRF110, or any pit bike, are more impacted by elevation changes than bike dirt bikes, like a Honda CRF450R for example.

Also, for the location, are you riding in the woods, on a track, or on a paved road? Are there hills or is it flat?

If you’re riding in the woods, your Honda CRF110F top speed might be limited by trees or other obstacles (mud, train tracks, logs, etc.). If you’re on a track, you can only go so fast while maintaining control and staying within the course.

This type of location consideration also impacts the conditions of what you’re riding on. If you’re riding on a flat paved road your CRF110 top speed is going to be entirely different than if you’re riding on a tight, sandy racetrack or in the woods.


Who is riding the bike is also going to impact the CRF 110 top speed.

Let’s consider the rider’s size and weight. Someone who weighs 250 pounds is not going to be able to go as fast on the bike as someone who weighs 125 pounds. The top speed of a CRF110 is going to go down the heavier the rider is.

A CRF110 is a pit bike after all – it’s made for kids. It can’t possibly go as fast with an adult on it as it would a kid (unless you’ve done a bunch of work to it).

Other Items Impacting CRF110 Top Speed

A few other items that will impact the CRF110 top speed are the condition of the bike, riding weather, and how the top speed is being recorded.

A bike that hasn’t had maintenance kept up on it or has issues and isn’t running properly won’t be able to reach the peak top speed that the bike is capable of. The top speed of a bike that is maintained very well and running perfectly will be faster than that of a bike that is not taken care of and running like poorly.

Unfortunately, pit bikes are not taken care of and maintained as well as they should be. Of course, there are exceptions. Some people take great care of their pit bikes and complete some awesome builds.

But, most treat it for what it is – a kid’s bike that they get to beat on.

Similar to location, the weather you’re riding in can have an impact on the Honda CRF110F top speed. If you’re riding in the rain, causing the pavement to be wet, the top speed is likely going to be lower than it otherwise could be. If the motocross track is super dry due to a lack of watering or rain, you might not have much traction, and therefore the bike likely wouldn’t reach its top speed in those conditions.

Plus, soft, sandy, dry tracks rob power from small-wheel, low-powered bikes like a CRF110.

The final item we’ll mention that can impact the CRF110 top speed is how the top speed is being recorded.

Technically, this doesn’t change the top speed the bike is actually going – it only changes what you think it is. If you record a bike as going 25 but it’s actually going 45, that doesn’t mean the bike did 25. It did 45, you just recorded it inaccurately. I digress…

If you are recording the CRF110 top speed with an onboard GPS, that’s likely going to be more accurate than someone pointing a speed gun at you as you go by.

Waving the Flag on the CRF110 Top Speed

When it comes down to it, most people just want to know how fast their bike is capable of going. All the mods and items covered above are important and impact how fast their bike goes, but, most people would be satisfied with simply knowing how fast, roughly, their bike is.

Is it 20 or is it 50? It doesn’t really matter if it’s 21 or 22 instead of 20, but roughly how fast is it?

In that case, the CRF110 top speed is about 45 mph.

Frequently Asked Questions About the CRF110 Top Speed

How fast can a Honda 110 go?

A Honda 110 can go about 45 mph.

How many speeds does a CRF110 have?

A CRF110 has four gears via its four-speed semi-automatic transmission.

Does a CRF 110 have a clutch?

No, a stock CRF 110 does not have a clutch.

Does CRF 110 have a throttle limiter?

Yes, the CRF 110 has a throttle limiter via a screw in the throttle.

How many gears does a 2022 CRF 110?

A 2022 CRF 110 has four gears.

Is a CRF 110 automatic?

No, a CRF 110 is not automatic.