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James Stewart

Gifts for Dirt Bike Riders: Don’t Buy Something They Won’t Use


It can be hard to buy gifts for dirt bike riders. There are so many options, colors, bikes, parts, gear, and more to choose from.

But, dirt bike riders are passionate about it, so when it comes to a gift-giving holiday, you want to get them something to support their favorite hobby.

In this article, I will break down the best gifts for dirt bike riders for you, so you don’t buy something they won’t use or like.

Gifts for Dirt Bike Riders

Dirt bike riders are passionate about their bikes, riding, racing, and likely everything related to it.

A dirt biker would undoubtedly appreciate a riding-related gift, such as a new gear bag, riding gloves, an action camera, or even a pressure washer for their bike.

Helmet Hook

Something that many dirt bike riders would find useful is a simple but effective helmet hook. If you ask any rider, they would never think of purchasing a storage hook for their helmet by themselves, so this would be a great gift idea.

A helmet hook can be attached to the wall of their garage or trailer, where they can safely store their helmet instead of just placing it on the bike’s handlebars. The hook also gives the helmet much breathing space, especially after a long day of riding in the heat.

You can get one that makes the helmet look more like it’s on display, or you can go with one that is a bit smaller and simpler – the price of each is similar.

If you really want to wow your dirt bike rider with a gift, you could get them a nice Alpinestars helmet or one of the Fly Racing helmets to go on their helmet hook.

Riding gloves

Gloves are a piece of protective equipment that make for great gifts for dirt bike riders because pretty much every dirt rider uses them and they frequently need to be replaced with new ones.

When buying gifts for dirt bike riders, especially gear, like riding gloves, or parts for their bike, it is important to try to match their current setup.

Check out their Facebook page or Instagram. It’s almost guaranteed they have pictures posted there. If their gear is blue, you might not want to buy yellow gloves. Blue riding gloves would be the smart choice. If you can get the same brand, that’d be even better.

You also can’t go wrong with a simple black glove – it can go with pretty much any color – from a popular brand like Fly Racing or Fox Racing.

A boot washstand

After a long day of riding, washing my boots is one of the biggest pains in the a$$. At least, before I got a stand.

If you’re not using a boot stand and you try pressure washing them, they move all around and are super hard to clean.

Then, once they’re finally clean, it’s hard to leave them somewhere to dry appropriately.

If you don’t want to buy one and would rather build one, you can try and build the boot stand from PVC pipes.

If you’d rather buy one, Pit Posse makes a pretty nice boot cleaning and drying rack.

A gear bag

If the rider doesn’t own a gear bag, or has used the same one for a while, it would be an excellent gift.

In a gear bag, they can store their water bottle, extra clothes, additional riding gear, and tech gear. 

Avoid purchasing a gear bag in the form of a backpack, though, as riders often tend to avoid carrying anything on their backs during riding (unless you know they do this).

The O’Neal TX2000 Gear Bag is great for the price. If you want to spend a bit more money, you can look at the Alpinestar bag (which is what I personally use, you can see it in the image below) or the Fly Racing roller bag.

Alpinestar gear bag on wooden floor

A bike lift stand

Another option for gifts for dirt bike riders is a stand. This lets them lift their bike off the ground and perform maintenance or repairs on their bike.

Dirt bike lift stands can be expensive, but there are more affordable options (such as plastic instead of metal) if you’re looking to go that route.


Believe it or not, high-quality footpegs can be quite expensive.

If you’ve heard your rider talk about how often they had to buy new footpegs because they’re wearing down, you can consider purchasing higher-quality ones for their bike. 

Excellent quality footpegs are usually made from cast, lightweight aluminum and are extremely durable. Often, the wider they are, the better, as they make riding upright more stable and comfortable for the rider.

Be careful buying cheap, generic brand footpegs off Amazon. They might seem okay from the pictures, but our experience with them hasn’t been great. Look for a reputable brand that makes them specifically for the bike your rider has.

An action camera

A brand-new action camera is probably one of the best gifts for dirt bike riders. This can be an expensive gift, especially if you buy a high-quality device (such as a GoPro), but you can also find non-name-brand options for quite a bit cheaper.

I’ve used non-name-brand action cameras before. The quality actually surprised me. It was better than I expected. The quality wasn’t as good as a GoPro may be, but they can still get the job done if you’re on a budget.

A pressure washer

A pressure washer is another one of the expensive gifts for dirt bike riders, but it’s one we would recommend if it’s within your budget.

Before you buy this gift, it’s important to find out if the rider already has one. If they’ve already purchased one themselves, then it’s probably not worth the money buying from them as a gift.

But, if they haven’t, it can make for a great gift. You can go for cheaper options using non-name-brand items, such as the Sun Joe SPX3000, or you can spend a bit more and get a name-brand machine, like a Craftsman.


The final gift we’ll mention is tires. Dirt bike riders, especially if they race, likely go through tires, rear tires specifically, pretty frequently. Check out a dirt bike paddle tire as a potential option (I know I’d be pumped to get one as a gift!).

When purchasing tires, be sure to get the right size for their bike. Admittedly, this can be a bit tricky.

Back up gifts for dirt bike riders

If all of that sounds too complicated or if all else fails, you can’t go wrong with Pro Taper straps, a gas can, Visa gift card, or even a gas gift card.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gifts for Dirt Bike Riders

What should I get my dirt biker for Christmas?

You should consider getting your dirt biker gloves, goggles, boots, boot stand, helmet stand, tires, pressure washer, or an action camera for Christmas.