Stacyc battery adapter

James Stewart

Stacyc Battery Adapter: #1 Mod For Your Kid’s Bike


One of the most popular modifications to the STACYC bikes is to get a battery adapter (sometimes known as the STACYC battery hack). This allows you to use alternative batteries, like power tool batteries, instead of the stock ones that come with the bikes.

Depending on which adapter you use, you can run Milwaukee or DeWalt batteries.

It’s not a fun situation for anyone, the kid or the parent, when the battery dies on the Stacyc and there aren’t any spare batteries charged up and ready to go.

This STACYC battery hack is popular for that reason, as well as:

  1. It gives the kids more run time. The Milwaukee and DeWalt batteries last longer.
  2. Many people already own them for their power tools. No need to buy additional batteries.
  3. They can provide more power.
  4. They’re often cheaper or more accessible for purchase than a STACYC battery. The OEM batteries are damn expensive.

As of this writing, there aren’t any major companies or manufacturers making the STACYC battery adapter. However, there are a few “small businesses” that sell them.

They’re basically individuals who started making them for themselves and now set up a website to sell them through. I purchased my son’s through Fevergeon.com from Matt Fevergeon.

I have had great luck with it for about a year and a half. We did just experience our first issue with it where one of the prongs in the adapter where the Milwaukee battery inserts broke. I’m not sure what caused this issue and it isn’t fixable, but up until then, it worked really well. I was very happy with it.

Matt was contacted and he was willing to fix it for us, so I’m confident if you have any issues, you’ll receive great customer service too.

We’ve received a new Stacyc battery adapter from Matt and it’s been great again.

I recently upgraded Dirt Bike Vault’s factory rider’s (my son) Stacyc from the 12-inch to the 16-inch. The very first thing I did, 15 minutes after getting the bike from the dealership, was take the Stacyc battery adapter off his 12-inch and put it on this new bike.

Here is the adapter on his new bike:

Stacyc battery hack

As I mentioned, we’ve had great luck with this setup, but one other thing is to watch where the red and black wires plug into the adapter under the seat. We’ve had this come unplugged a handful of times. It’s not a huge deal – just plug it back in and keep going – but it’s something to pay attention to.

The other option is from Drake at Drake3dp.com and is very similar to the one I mentioned above.

STACYC battery adapter from Drake 3 DP

Frequently Asked Questions About the Stacyc Battery Adapter

Can you use DeWALT batteries on STACYC?

If you purchase and install a STACYC battery adapter, you can use DeWalt batteries on STACYC. Without an adapter, you cannot use DeWalt batteries on STACYC.

What batteries work with STACYC?

The stock, OEM STACYC batteries are the only ones that work with the STACYC bikes without using an adapter. If you use an adapter, you can use Milwaukee or DeWalt batteries.

What power tool battery fits Stacyc?

If you purchase a universal battery adapter, you can make nearly any power tool battery fit STACYC. The most common power tool batteries used in the STACYC bike are Milwaukee and DeWalt.