Haiden Deegan racing Supercross Futures

James Stewart

Haiden Deegan is Racing Supercross (Futures)!

Haiden Deegan, Supercross, Yamaha

Haiden Deegan, Star Racing and Yamaha‘s most promising young talent, is racing Supercross this weekend at A2.

He’ll be racing Supercross Futures, not “real” Supercross against the likes of Jett Lawrence and RJ Hampshire, but nonetheless, Deegan will be racing on a professional supercross track for us all to see.

It was only a matter of time before we saw it, and it’s been speculated for a while that Deegan would be lining up for Futures. There is no more speculation. He’s on the official pre-entry list.

Supercross Futures Entry List Anaheim A2

It’s not just Deegan, either. There are quite a few other big names on the entry list. Preston Boespflug, Gage Linville, Casey Cochran, Daxton Bennick, and Talon Hawkins are some other big names that will be joining Deegan on the gate this weekend.

There also seems to be a decent turnout for this race. When I attended the Supercross race at Gillette Stadium last year, there couldn’t have been more than a dozen Supercross Futures racers that day. Possibly 9, total. That makes 23 on the entry list for this weekend a good turnout.

How will Deegan do?

If you’ve seen any of Deegan’s supercross training videos on YouTube, you know he’s looking good. He’s looking fast. You can see it below.

But, just how fast is he going to be?

To be honest, I’m not that interested in how he’ll do in the actual Supercross Futures race. He’s won races against many of the fastest riders joining him this weekend, so it’s nearly a given that his speed is there against those guys.

He might not win the Futures race. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, but I think it’s safe to say he has the speed to beat anyone on the gate with him this weekend.

But what about his speed against the big dogs? If Deegan was racing 250SX instead of Futures, how would he do?

Of course, the racing conditions and environment are different for the real 250 class than they are for Futures, but how will Deegan’s lap times stack up?

Qualifying conditions between the two shouldn’t be too different. Where would Haiden Deegan’s qualifying lap times land him if he was racing in the 250 class? Top 3? Top 5? Top 10? Maybe sneak the top spot?

Even more than the Supercross Futures race itself, that is something I’m excited to see — how Deegan’s lap times stack up against the best.

Race Day Schedule

Supercross Anaheim A2 race day schedule