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What Does CRF Stand For, Honda?


When it comes to dirt bikes, there are all these acronyms, CRF, YZ, RMZ, CR, YZF, KLX, KLR, and many more, but what do they actually mean? Specifically, what does CRF stand for Honda?

The CRF series is a line of trail, dual sport, and four-stroke motorcycles manufactured by Honda (including its CRF 110 pit bike). Honda has been in business since the dawn of time, and nearly every invention that came onto the market was fully accepted and enjoyed by riders. 

The exact CRF line of motorcycles was first introduced to the world in 2000 as a successor to the CR series. A lot of time since then has passed, but people still wonder what does CRF stand for? This article is the perfect place to find the answer. 

What Does CRF Stand For Honda? 

Referring to the type of bike that uses less powerband and has to shift more frequently, CR stands for “close ratio.” The letter F stands for “four-stroke.” So, CRF stands for “close ratio four-stroke.”

Do you also want to know how Honda got started and when? Learn about who invented the dirt bike here.

Honda CRF Series 

One of the first in the series was the Honda CRF450R. This bike revolutionized the entire game and was the holder of the Best Motocrosser title for eight consecutive years from 2002 to 2009. 

This replaced Honda’s popular 2-stroke CR models, including its CR 85. Prior to the CR models, Honda had its popular XR dirt bikes.

The next CRF model came in 2004, which was the CRF250R. Below is Honda’s CRF250R:

Honda CRF250R bike

After 2005, the company specifically manufactured many motocross bikes for off-road usage. The bikes from Honda are considered some of the best in the world, and the company is a leading seller in the industry.

In fact, Honda’s CRF models became so popular, they stopped producing new 2-stroke models and left it to other manufacturers, like Yamaha. They later began building a bike similar to the mini 2-stroke models – the CRF150R.

To this day, Honda’s aren’t always considered the fastest, but they are considered one of the most reliable brands, if not the most reliable. They’ve also expanded the CRF models to trail bikes as well, such as the Honda CRF230F (and the CRF80, despite no longer being made as of 2013).

Jett and Hunter Lawrence, as well as Chase Sexton, are doing a great job proving that Honda isn’t only reliable, but also one of the fastest.


Carrying most of the credit and recognition that the CRF series has gotten, the engine in these bikes utilizes an over-square design. This means that the stroke of the piston is smaller than the diameter of the cylinder. This feature reduces reciprocating mass for a certain displacement and a higher engine speed. 

Another great technology used in the engine is the short piston skirts. For people unfamiliar with the “skirt” area is basically the portion of space on the piston side that comes in contact with the cylinder wall and adds more stability. 

The piston’s shorter skirt offers a reduction to the reciprocating mass and eliminates any unwanted rotation on the wrist pin.

Mad or Nomad?

Any motocross rider seeks adrenaline, fear, pleasure, and internal triumph. The CRF series from Honda has the potential to offer the most out of these excitements, if not all of them. In our article, we explained what does CRF stand for and familiarized our readers with the company and the origin of these models. 

The close-ratio four-stroke bikes offer a great foundation to new riders and bring a unique experience to people who ride for a living. Whether you want to ride freestyle, race motocross, or just ride in the woods with your buddies, a bike that shines with durability, like honda, is never a bad choice.

Truth be told, a bike from the CRF series will get you home dirty and tired with a full heart of joy!

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Frequently Asked Questions About What Does CRF Stand For

What does CRF F mean Honda?

With Honda, F in CRF means 4-stroke (four-stroke).

What does the L mean in Honda CRF?

In Honda’s CRF models, the L means low-powered.

What’s a CRF dirt bike?

A CRF dirt bike is Honda’s four stroke models that were released in 2000.

Is a CRF a trail bike?

A CRF is a trail bike if the final letter in the bikes model is an F. The F models stand for “family,” which is aimed at trail riders and more beginner riders. The R models stand for “race,” which is their race line.

What is a CRF250R?

A CRF250R is the race model in Honda’s CRF dirt bike lineup.

What year did CRF go fuel injected?

The CRF went fuel injected in 2009.

Is the Honda CRF automatic?

The Honda CRF is not automatic. Some models, such as the Honda CRF50F, has an auto-clutch, but still has to be shifted.

Are all Honda dirt bikes red?

Yes, all Honda dirt bikes are red.

What sizes do Honda CRF come in?

The sizes Honda CRF come in range from 50cc up to 450cc.

Is the CRF250F a farm bike?

While the F in CRF250F doesn’t stand for farm, the bike can certainly do well on a farm, while also doing very well on the trails.

Does Honda make 2 stroke dirt bikes?

Honda has made 2 stroke dirt bikes in the past, but they no longer produce any 2 stroke dirt bikes.

What does CRF mean on a Honda dirt bike?

On a Honda dirt bike, CRF means close ratio four-stroke. C stands for close, R stands for ratio, and F stands for four-stroke.