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James Stewart

Pro Taper Straps: Complete Guide

Tie Downs

You can go to Harbor Freight, Lowes, Home Deport, or even Walmart to get some motorcycle tie down straps. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I prefer Pro Taper straps (Pro Taper tie downs).

The no-name brand dirt bike tie downs you can get from the big box stores are fine and they will get the job done. But, personally, I try to support the dirt bike industry and the specific brands that serve our community when possible.

Does it cost a little bit more money? Sure.

Are you helping the dirt bike industry grow and continue into the future? Absolutely.

Also, who doesn’t enjoy the look of the Pro Taper logo? To me, they look better in the trailer, on the dirt bike rack, or however you haul your bikes.

And, they’re great quality – better than the big box store ones. Over 1,800 reviews on Amazon and a 5-star rating for the Pro Taper straps.

Pro Taper Straps 

One of the other things I like about the Pro Taper motorcycle straps is that they incorporate a spring-loaded swivel base hook which prevents any twisting or unhooking during a bumpy ride.

The hook at the end of the Pro Taper strap also makes it easier to tie the bike down by yourself.

Have you ever been tying down your bike in your trailer or the bed of your truck by yourself and you’re trying to hold the bike up while hooking the tie downs into the hooks in the floor? Only to have the hook slide out at the bottom and it is a pain in the a$$?

With the hook at the bottom, this doesn’t happen, and it saves you a ton of frustration. Trust me, I know.

Each set of Pro Taper tie downs is made with industrial-strength, non-slip cam buckle and secure Velcro end straps.

Also, there is a soft strap for the handlebar. 

If your handlebars are going to get scratched, might as well make it from a crash, not from hauling the bikes, right?

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Where to Buy Them? 

As you read at the beginning, I like supporting brands and companies in the industry. Specifically, the companies that support the sport. If it’s possible, you should consider going to your local bike shop or motorcycle dealership to buy your set of the Pro Taper straps.

If you can’t do that, they don’t carry them, they’re out of stock, or for any other reason, you can of course get them online.

Check out online retailers who support the industry first, such as Rocky Mountain ATV, Tucker Rocky, and more. If none of those work for you, you can purchase them on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tie Downs and Straps

What are the strongest tie down straps?

Generally, the strongest tie down straps are the RHINO ratchet straps. However, many brands make different models of their tie downs rated for different strengths.

Is there an alternative to ratchet straps?

Yes, there is an alternative to ratchet straps called cam buckles. If you are tying down a dirt bike, there are also strapless devices that hook into the foot pegs from Risk Racing.

What ratchet straps are best?

The ratchet straps that are best are the RHINO brand for general use. For dirt bikes specifically, we like the Pro Taper straps.

What is a Cambuckle?

A Cambuckle is a type of strap or tie down that is tightened by using your own force rather than a ratchet mechanism.

Are cam Buckles strong?

Yes, cam Buckles are strong, as long as you buy a quality brand.

Are Cam straps reliable?

Yes, Cam straps are reliable, as long as you buy them from a quality brand.