Gatorback Cycle Park

Gatorback Cycle Park is a dirt bike and ATV motocross track in Northcentral Florida, about an hour and a half southwest of Jacksonville and two hours northwest of Orlando. Gatorback Cycle Park has become quite famous amongst racers because of the high-level AMA events it holds and how great the tracks are. This facility is also known and often referred to as Gatorback MX, Unlimited Sports MX, and Diamondback MX.

Four years ago, Unlimited Sports MX added Diamondback MX to Gatorback Cycle Park. The entire facility now includes Gatorback MX, Gatorback SX, and Diamondback MX.


20525 NW 46th Ave, Alachua, FL 32615



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Check out Haiden Deegan‘s amazing comeback to win 450 A at the 2022 Mini O’s held at Gatorback Cycle Park

Bike Setup Tips


It depends on which track you’re riding on. For the MX tracks, you’ll likely want to run a soft-intermediate terrain tire, such as Dunlop MX33. For the SX track, you’ll like want an intermediate-hard tire, like a Dunlop MX53.

Tire Pressure

Front: 13 psi

Rear: 12.5-13 psi


For the MX tracks, you can run a bit softer suspension, but for the SX track, you’ll want to stiffen your suspension a bit. The MX track doesn’t have massive jumps, but it does get rough and rutted.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gatorback Cycle Park

Where is Mini O’s race?

The Mini O’s race is held at Gatorback Cycle Park the week of Thanksgiving each year.

What is Mini Os MX?

Mini Os MX stands for Mini Olympics and is one of the premier amateur dirt bike nationals in the world. There is supercross and motocross racing throughout the week-long event at Gatorback Cycle Park.