Dade City MX

Dade City MX is a very popular dirt bike motocross track between Tampa and Orlando and north of Lakeland. It is one of the most famous amateur motocross tracks in the country. This track is also known as Dade City Raceway and DCMX.

Dade City MX is a tacky sand track that has lights to allow some fun night racing! They have a consistent local race series and are open for practice weekly.


36722 State Rd 52, Dade City, FL 33525



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Bike Setup Tips


You’ll likely want to run a sand tire, such as an MX12/MX14, or a soft-intermediate terrain tire, such as Dunlop MX33.

Tire Pressure

With a sandy-type track, you generally want to run a bit lower tire pressure.

Front: 12 psi

Rear: 12 psi


At Dade City MX, we generally stiffen the suspension a bit and slow down the rebound on the rear shock.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dade City MX

Who owns Dade City Motocross?

Randy Yoho owns Dade City Motocross, the popular Florida motocross track.