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A Place to Ride MX

“A Place to Ride MX”, aptly named, offers an excellent motocross riding experience for riders of all skill levels. Located in the scenic countryside, this motocross park provides multiple meticulously groomed tracks, each catering to a different skill level. The main track, constructed with a blend of sand and clay, features a range of obstacles including tabletop jumps, rhythm sections, and challenging berms, designed to put seasoned riders to the test. A separate beginner track with smaller, safer jumps allows novices to practice and improve their riding skills. The park maintains a friendly, inclusive atmosphere, making it not only a great place to ride but also a community hub where motocross enthusiasts gather. The lush, scenic surroundings of the park make for a thrilling ride, ensuring “A Place to Ride MX” lives up to its name.

  • Address: 1217 Roscoe Davis Rd. Monroe, GA 30656

Action Motocross Park

Action Motocross Park is a thrill-seeker’s haven, a vibrant, adrenaline-pumped terrain that is a must-visit for every MX rider. Spread across acres of land, the park features a variety of tracks designed to accommodate all riding levels, from the novice to the expert. The main track, expertly sculpted with a series of jumps, whoops, tabletops, and banked turns, offers a blend of technical and high-speed sections, perfect for those eager to test their skills and speed. The park’s terrain varies, ranging from loose sand to compacted dirt, providing riders with diverse surfaces to conquer. With its well-maintained facilities, the park ensures a safe yet exciting motocross experience. Overlooking this lively playground, a dedicated spectator area allows fans and family to enjoy the breathtaking spectacle of airborne riders against the park’s picturesque, natural backdrop.

  • Address: 3712 GA Highway 188 N. Cairo, GA 39827

Aonia Pass Motocross

Aonia Pass Motocross, situated in the picturesque landscape of Washington, Georgia, is an enthralling spectacle for motocross lovers. It boasts an array of dynamic tracks, each distinct in their composition, carved out on the site’s diverse terrain. The premier feature is the 1.5-mile main track, a formidable course that challenges riders with its broad jumps, steep berms, and a unique rhythm section, all meticulously designed to test skill, courage, and strategy. The smaller peewee track, on the other hand, offers a safe and controlled environment for beginners and young riders to learn and grow. The park’s soil is a fine blend of Georgia red clay and sand, offering ideal traction and ensuring thrilling races, regardless of the weather. With professional-grade facilities and an atmosphere buzzing with the raw energy of motocross, Aonia Pass is a must-visit destination for riders and spectators alike.

  • Address: 3030 Thomson Rd. Washington, GA 30673

Bremen Race Park

Bremen Race Park, located in the heart of Bremen, Georgia, offers a captivating motocross experience for riders of all abilities. The park’s primary attraction is its well-designed MX track, crafted from Georgia’s signature red clay. The track, both demanding and exhilarating, is adorned with a myriad of features, including high-flying jumps, tight corners, and an exciting rhythm section that keeps riders on the edge of their seats. The smaller tracks cater to beginners and intermediate riders, providing a safer, yet still challenging environment for them to sharpen their skills. Bremen Race Park isn’t just about the race; its warm, welcoming atmosphere, excellent facilities, and well-kept paddocks make it a true gathering spot for the local motocross community. The park, with its blend of thrilling action and southern hospitality, embodies the spirit of motocross.

  • Address: 372 Reid Rd. Bremen, GA 30110

Dirt Farm MX

Dirt Farm MX is a premier motocross destination nestled within the rustic beauty of rural Nebraska. This sprawling, well-maintained venue has made its mark on the motocross circuit with its professionally designed tracks that cater to a range of skill levels. The main track offers an exhilarating blend of jumps, whoops, and berms, built on a base of rich, loamy soil that provides excellent traction and minimal dust. A separate novice track is also available, offering less daunting jumps and turns to help beginners hone their skills in a safe, controlled environment. With a family-friendly atmosphere, modern facilities, and a strong focus on safety, Dirt Farm MX offers an unmatched motocross experience that brings together the thrill of racing and the serene beauty of Nebraska’s countryside.

  • Address:  24 Hwy 121, Folkston, GA 31537

Durhamtown Plantation

Durhamtown Plantation, located in Union Point, Georgia, is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, known for its extensive and diverse off-road riding opportunities. This massive, 6,000-acre adventure hub offers over 150 miles of one-way dirt bike, ATV, and Side x Side trails. Each track varies in difficulty, from beginner to advanced, ensuring an exciting ride for all skill levels. The terrain ranges from flat, wide trails perfect for novices, to challenging hilly and wooded sections for seasoned riders. Alongside motocross, Durhamtown Plantation also boasts several other amenities, including hunting, fishing, and camping facilities, making it a true destination for outdoor recreational activities. With a commitment to safety and an unending pursuit of off-road adventure, Durhamtown Plantation is more than just a motocross park, it’s a way of life.

  • Address: 2350 Randolph Church Rd. Union Point, GA 30669

Fast Track MX Ranch

Fast Track MX Ranch, located in East Texas, is a motocross enthusiast’s delight, offering a dynamic racing experience nestled within scenic natural surroundings. The ranch features two meticulously maintained tracks that cater to a variety of skill levels. The main track, made from a mix of sandy loam soil, is a technical masterpiece, featuring an array of high jumps, tight turns, and rhythm sections to challenge even the most experienced riders. For younger or less experienced riders, the ranch offers a well-designed beginner’s track with fewer obstacles, promoting a safe yet exciting riding experience. The entire facility prides itself on top-notch safety standards and a family-friendly atmosphere. Surrounded by the serene beauty of East Texas, Fast Track MX Ranch offers an unparalleled motocross experience that combines thrill, skill, and nature in perfect harmony.

  • Address: 1096 Sherman Rd., Cairo, GA 39827

Georgia Practice Facility

Georgia Practice Facility (GPF), located in Cairo, Georgia, is a renowned motocross training destination. Known for its dedication to the development of motocross skills, GPF offers a variety of expertly maintained tracks suited for riders of all levels. The centerpiece of the facility is the Pro Track, a challenging course laden with jumps, berms, and whoops designed to test even the most seasoned riders. For beginners and intermediates, the Amateur and Peewee tracks offer a balance of simplicity and challenge, fostering skill growth in a safe environment. Each track is crafted from Georgia’s signature clay and sand mix, ensuring optimum traction and minimal dust. Beyond the tracks, GPF provides comprehensive training programs under experienced instructors, making it a preferred destination for riders aiming to improve their performance and competitive edge.

  • Address: 891 Bold Springs Rd. Cairo, GA 39827

High Falls Supercross

High Falls Supercross, located in Jackson, Georgia, is a motocross park that has carved a niche for itself with its unique supercross-style track. This tightly woven track, made from Georgia’s distinct red clay, is a spectacle of sharp turns, high jumps, and rhythm sections that closely mimic professional supercross circuits. It offers a fast-paced, adrenaline-filled ride that tests precision, control, and quick decision-making skills of riders. Despite its advanced nature, the track is meticulously maintained and adheres to top safety standards, ensuring a thrilling yet secure riding environment. In addition to the main track, High Falls also offers a less daunting amateur track for beginners and intermediates. With its exciting track design and family-friendly atmosphere, High Falls Supercross provides an enticing taste of the supercross experience right in the heart of Georgia.

  • Address: Blount Rd. High Falls, GA 30233


Iron City MX, popularly known as ICRMX, located in Warner Robins, Georgia, is a haven for motocross enthusiasts, drawing riders from across the region with its well-designed, exciting tracks. The park boasts a variety of tracks tailored to different skill levels, from beginners to professionals. The main track, made of a blend of sand and clay, features challenging obstacles, including jumps, ruts, and berms that push a rider’s skills to the limit. For those starting out or wanting to polish their skills, the beginner track provides a safer, yet still engaging ride. ICRMX is not just about the tracks; it’s a community hub with a warm, welcoming atmosphere, making it a popular venue for racing events and family outings. With its professional-grade facilities and a commitment to safety, ICRMX offers an all-rounded motocross experience.

  • Address: 200 Fairgrounds Blvd. Warner Robins, GA 31093

Millsaps Training Facility

Millsaps Training Facility (MTF), located in Cairo, Georgia, is one of the premier motocross training facilities in the country. Founded by professional motocross athlete Colleen Millsaps, MTF is dedicated to the development and honing of motocross skills for riders of all ages and levels. The facility houses several tracks, each presenting unique features and challenges, from high jumps and steep berms to intricate rhythm sections. The tracks are built with a fine blend of Georgia clay and sand, providing excellent traction and a realistic racing experience. Alongside its top-tier tracks, MTF offers comprehensive training programs under experienced coaches, focusing on both riding skills and physical fitness. With a strong emphasis on safety, discipline, and a family-like atmosphere, MTF has become a sought-after destination for aspiring motocross riders aiming to elevate their performance.

  • Address: 867 Bold Springs Rd. Cairo, GA 39827

Moto Mountain ATV Park

Moto Mountain ATV Park, nestled in the breathtaking mountains of Fairmount, Georgia, is an exhilarating outdoor adventure destination. The park boasts some of the highest elevation tracks in the state, offering a unique and exciting riding experience for ATV and motocross enthusiasts. A variety of trails, varying in difficulty and terrain, wind their way through the park’s picturesque landscape, promising a thrilling ride regardless of one’s skill level. The combination of steep inclines, sharp descents, and muddy paths on the ATV trails provides an unmatched off-road experience. In addition, the park features a well-maintained motocross track for those looking to test their speed and agility. With its stunning scenery, diverse tracks, and a commitment to rider safety, Moto Mountain ATV Park offers a unique blend of adventure and tranquility.

  • Address: 12878 Highway 53W, Fairmount, GA, 30139

Paradise Offroad Park

Paradise Offroad Park, nestled in the foothills of the Appalachians in Macon, Georgia, offers a unique off-road adventure experience that caters to riders of all skill levels. Spanning a sprawling 150 acres, this park features diverse terrains, including rocky inclines, muddy bogs, and dense forest trails, providing an exciting and challenging playground for ATVs, dirt bikes, and 4×4 vehicles. The trails are a mix of flat and hilly terrains, offering varied experiences to riders, while the dedicated MX track with its jumps and turns allows motocross enthusiasts to push their limits. In addition to its well-designed and maintained trails, the park offers camping sites and picnic areas, making it an ideal destination for weekend getaways. With its beautiful natural surroundings and well-thought-out tracks, Paradise Offroad Park provides a perfect blend of thrill and leisure for off-road enthusiasts.

  • Address: 1276 Sgoda Rd, Macon, GA 31217

Rollin Haven Motocross

Rollin Haven Motocross, located in Summertown, Tennessee, is a premier destination for motocross enthusiasts seeking a thrilling and immersive riding experience. The park features multiple tracks, each meticulously designed to cater to a range of skill levels. The main track, crafted from the region’s rich, loamy soil, provides a challenging course with its diverse obstacles, including high jumps, tight turns, and an exciting rhythm section. A smaller track caters to beginners and intermediates, with its scaled-down features offering a safe yet stimulating environment to learn and develop riding skills. The park’s picturesque setting amid rolling hills and lush greenery enhances the experience, creating a perfect backdrop for the high-octane motocross action. With its excellent facilities, focus on safety, and welcoming atmosphere, Rollin Haven Motocross offers an unforgettable ride for everyone who visits.

  • Address: 510 Stevens Grove Church Rd. Lexington, GA 30648

Talking Rock Arena

Talking Rock Arena, located in Talking Rock, Georgia, is an adrenaline-charged motocross destination renowned for its top-tier facilities and electrifying atmosphere. This expansive venue features multiple tracks, each uniquely designed to cater to different skill levels. The main track is an exciting spectacle of jumps, berms, and rhythm sections, crafted from Georgia’s characteristic red clay for optimal traction and minimal dust. For those new to motocross, a dedicated beginner’s track offers a safe environment to gain confidence and hone skills. Beyond the tracks, the facility hosts several major racing events throughout the year, drawing motocross enthusiasts from across the region. With its blend of exciting tracks, professional-grade facilities, and a vibrant, community-focused atmosphere, Talking Rock Arena is a must-visit for every motocross enthusiast.

  • Address: 2019 Antioch Church Rd. Jasper, GA 30143

Twin Peaks MX

Twin Peaks MX, nestled in the serene landscape of Colbert, Georgia, offers an unparalleled motocross experience that excites riders of all abilities. The facility boasts multiple tracks, each skillfully crafted to deliver a unique blend of challenges and exhilaration. The main track, designed with varied terrain features including jumps, berms, and rhythm sections, provides a test of skill and agility for seasoned riders. Constructed from a mix of clay and sand, it offers excellent traction and minimal dust, regardless of weather conditions. A separate beginner-friendly track is also available, providing a safe yet fun environment for younger or less experienced riders. Twin Peaks MX isn’t just about the tracks; it’s also a thriving community hub that hosts regular races and events, welcoming all who share a passion for motocross.

  • Address: 3700 Lake Katherine Rd. Tunnel Hill, GA 30755

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