Jett Lawrence and Hunter Lawrence Supercross stat

James Stewart

Jett’s the faster brother, right? Data says otherwise…

Hunter Lawrence, Jett Lawrence, Supercross

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always felt that Jett Lawrence is the faster Lawrence brother.

Maybe it’s because of the way the announcers talk about the riders differently.

Maybe it’s because Jett has professional championships while Hunter doesn’t. Maybe it’s because Jett is more of a “fan favorite.”

I can’t really point to why – it’s just a feeling. He just seems faster to me.

But, data doesn’t back me up in this feeling…

During Saturday night’s Supercross race in Detroit, a very interesting statistic was shown on the screen. I was really surprised by what I saw.

Jett Lawrence and Hunter Lawrence race statistics

The Lawrence brother’s 250 Supercross stats are nearly identical. Hunter actually has one more podium than Jett. Wild.

Jett does have the 250SX championship from last year that Hunter doesn’t have, which is obviously more valuable than all of these stats, but still. Practically exactly even in race stats. Fascinating.

This doesn’t mean that Jett isn’t the faster brother, but it also doesn’t show that he is the faster brother.

Who do you think is the faster brother? I personally can’t wait to see them battle it out in the first East-West shootout later this season.